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Author: Gernot Kronreif


Publication period start: 2012
Number of co-authors: 20


Number of publications with favourite co-authors
Francesca Caprino
Elena Laudanna
Patrizia Marti

Productive Colleagues

Most productive colleagues in number of publications
Ben Robins
Patrizia Marti
Kerstin Dautenhahn


Robins, Ben, Dautenhahn, Kerstin, Ferrari, Ester, Kronreif, Gernot, Prazak-Aram, Barbara, Marti, Patrizia, Iacono, Iolanda, Gelderblom, Gert Jan, Bernd, Tanja, Caprino, Francesca, Laudanna, Elena (2012): Scenarios of robot-assisted play for children with cognitive and physical disabilities. In Interaction Studies, 13 (2) pp. 189-234. https://uhra.herts.ac.uk/xmlui/bitstream/handle/2299/9415/904743.pdf?sequence=1

Robins, Ben, Ferrari, Ester, Dautenhahn, Kerstin, Kronreif, Gernot, Prazak-Aram, Barbara, Gelderblom, Gert-jan, Tanja, Bernd, Caprino, Francesca, Laudanna, Elena, Marti, Patrizia (2010): Human-centred design methods: Developing scenarios for robot assisted play informed by use. In International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, 68 (12) pp. 873-898. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/B6WGR-50VKMGM-1/2/ddcf10714b8f1969e14bd17188b6fb63

Prazak, Barbara, Mina, Stefan, Kronreif, Gernot (2004): Accessibility through Standard Low Cost Pointing Devices. In: Klaus, Joachim, Miesenberger, Klaus, Zagler, Wolfgang L., Burger, Dominique (eds.) ICCHP 2004 - Computers Helping People with Special Needs - 9th International Conference July 7-9, 2004, Paris, France. pp. 782-787. https://link.springer.de/link/service/series/0558/bibs/3118/31180782.htm

Kronreif, Gernot, Panek, Paul, Hüntemann, Alexander, Cremers, Ger, Hochgatterer, Andreas, Fürst, Martin, Mayer, Peter, Gelderblom, Gert Jan (2008): MOVEMENT - A Modular and Versatile Mobility Enhancement System. In: Miesenberger, Klaus, Klaus, Joachim, Zagler, Wolfgang L., Karshmer, Arthur I. (eds.) ICCHP 2008 - Computers Helping People with Special Needs - 11th International Conference July 9-11, 2008, Linz, Austria. pp. 1244-1249. https://dx.doi.org/10.1007/978-3-540-70540-6_187