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I work on the intersections of psychology and computer science. For example, I\'ve
* developed computer technologies, such as pen-based computing, intended to augment human information processing;
* tested the benefits on user productivity of new user interface technologies, such as speech recognition;
* designed and trained backpropagation neural networks used in automatic bank check encoding machines to read handwritten digits; and
* developed a computational model of how visual encoding learning helps people become fluent readers. />Some Publications:
G. Martin (2004) Encoder, a connectionist model of how learning to visually encode fixated text images improves reading fluency. Psychological Review, 111, 617-639.

G. Martin & J. Pittman (1991) Recognizing hand-printed letters and digits using backpropagation learning. Neural Computation, 3, 258-265.

G. Martin, J. Pittman, K. Wittenburg, R. Cohen & T. Parish (1990 ). Sign Here Please. Byte Magazine, July issue, 243-252.

G. Martin (1989) The utility of speech input in user-computer itnerfaces. International Journal of Man-Machine Studies, 30, 355-375

G. Martin (1988) Configuring a numeric keypad for a touch screen. Erognomics, 31, 945-953.

G. Martin & K. Corl (1986) System response time effects on user productivity. Behavior & Information Technology, 5, 3-13.

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Martin, Gale L. (1989): The Utility of Speech Input in User-Computer Interfaces. In International Journal of Man-Machine Studies, 30 (4) pp. 355-375.

Martin, Gale L., Corl, Kenneth G. (1986): System Response Time Effects on User Productivity. In Behaviour and Information Technology, 5 (1) pp. 3-13.