Flavia Sparacino

Author: Flavia Sparacino


Publication period start: 2003
Number of co-authors: 0


Sparacino, Flavia (2003): Sto(ry)chastics: A Bayesian Network Architecture for User Modeling and Compuatational Stor. In: Dey, Anind K., Schmidt, Albrecht, McCarthy, Joseph F. (eds.) UbiComp 2003 Ubiquitous Computing - 5th International Conference October 12-15, 2003, Seattle, WA, USA. pp. 54-72. https://link.springer.de/link/service/series/0558/bibs/2864/28640054.htm

Sparacino, Flavia (2004): Scenographies of the past and museums of the future: from the wunderkammer to body-driven . In: Schulzrinne, Henning, Dimitrova, Nevenka, Sasse, Martina Angela, Moon, Sue B., Lienhart, Rainer (eds.) Proceedings of the 12th ACM International Conference on Multimedia October 10-16, 2004, New York, NY, USA. pp. 72-79. https://doi.acm.org/10.1145/1027527.1027541