Fathi Hamhoum

Author: Fathi Hamhoum

Support a large number of people in crowds situation via dynamic signage

My main research interesting in the area: Am working on interface designs for dynamic situated displays that are meant to support a large crowd of people in a variety of tasks. The application scenario am screeching is how to help pilgrims to Mecca to perform various rites during their visit to Mecca.
So far, I have designed three examples systems and evaluated them through a large scale of user study. The first study was how pilgrims perform Tawaf pillar via dynamic display, the second study was investigated how people can understand and use augmented display that supported by novel techniques to find their destinations throughout their navigation in unfamiliar environment without requiring them to carry personal devices. The third one was how people can find each other in crowded situations via public display (dynamic and static), we used Mecca as example. Currently I am in writing my thesis at the moment.


Publication period start: 2011
Number of co-authors: 5


Number of publications with favourite co-authors
Michael D. Harrison
Jürgen Wagner
Chris Kray

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Christian Kray
Keith Cheverst
Michael D. Harrison


Hamhoum, Fathi, Kray, Chris (2011): Supporting pilgrims in navigating densely crowded religious sites. 6899 (0) pp. 40-56. https://hmukhtar.seecs.nust.edu.pk/HCI-ResearchPapers/22.%20Supporting%20pilgrims%20in%20navigating%20densely%20crowded%20religious%20sites.pdf

Kray, Christian, Cheverst, Keith, Harrison, Michael D., Hamhoum, Fathi, Wagner, Jürgen (2008): Towards a location model for indoor navigation support through public displays and mobile . In: Henze, Niels, Broll, Gregor, Rukzio, Enrico, Rohs, Michael, Zimmermann, Andreas, Boll, Susanne (eds.) Mobile Interaction with the Real World 2008 - MIRW 2008 - Mobile HCI Workshop September 2, 2008, Amsterdam, The Netherland. pp. 83-92. https://mirw08.offis.de/paper/07.pdf

Hamhoum, Fathi, Kray, Chris (eds.) COSIT11 Proceedings of the 10th international conference on Spatial information theory September 12-16, 2011, 2011, 10th International Conference, COSIT 2011, Belfast, ME, USA, September 12-16, 2011..