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Author: Duncan Sanderson


Publication period start: 1992
Number of co-authors: 0


Sanderson, Duncan (1994): Mediated collaborative research?. In Computer Supported Cooperative Work, 2 (1) pp. 41-65. https://dx.doi.org/10.1007/BF00749283

Sanderson, Duncan (1992): The CSCW Implementation Process: An Interpretative Model and Case Study of the Implementat. In: Proceedings of the 1992 ACM conference on Computer-supported cooperative work November 01 - 04, 1992, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. pp. 370-377. https://www.acm.org/pubs/articles/proceedings/cscw/143457/p370-sanderson/p370-sanderson.pdf

Sanderson, Duncan (1997): Technology Design and Mimicry. In: Proceedings of DIS97: Designing Interactive Systems: Processes, Practices, Methods, & Techniques , 1997, . pp. 311-313. https://www.acm.org/pubs/articles/proceedings/chi/263552/p311-sanderson/p311-sanderson.pdf