Cristian Danescu-Niculescu-Mizil

Author: Cristian Danescu-Niculescu-Mizil


Publication period start: 2009
Publication period end: 2012
Number of co-authors: 9


Number of publications with favourite co-authors
Jon Kleinberg
Lillian Lee
Bo Pang

Productive Colleagues

Most productive colleagues in number of publications
Evgeniy Gabrilovich
Vanja Josifovski
Susan Dumais


Danescu-Niculescu-Mizil, Cristian, Kossinets, Gueorgi, Kleinberg, Jon, Lee, Lillian (2009): How opinions are received by online communities: a case study on helpfulness vo. In: Proceedings of the 2009 International Conference on the World Wide Web , 2009, . pp. 141-150.

Danescu-Niculescu-Mizil, Cristian, Broder, Andrei Z., Gabrilovich, Evgeniy, Josifovski, Vanja, Pang, Bo (2010): Competing for users' attention: on the interplay between organic and sponsored search resu. In: Proceedings of the 2010 International Conference on the World Wide Web , 2010, . pp. 291-300.

Danescu-Niculescu-Mizil, Cristian, Gamon, Michael, Dumais, Susan (2011): Mark my words!: linguistic style accommodation in social media. In: Proceedings of the 2011 International Conference on the World Wide Web , 2011, . pp. 745-754.

Danescu-Niculescu-Mizil, Cristian, Lee, Lillian, Pang, Bo, Kleinberg, Jon (2012): Echoes of power: language effects and power differences in social interaction. In: Proceedings of the 2012 International Conference on the World Wide Web , 2012, . pp. 699-708.