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Author: Christina Dicke


Publication period start: 2012
Number of co-authors: 12


Number of publications with favourite co-authors
Mark Billinghurst
Jaka Sodnik
Saso Tomazic

Productive Colleagues

Most productive colleagues in number of publications
Jaka Sodnik
Juha Lehikoinen
Mark Billinghurst


Sodnik, Jaka, Dicke, Christina, Tomazic, Saso, Billinghurst, Mark (2008): A user study of auditory versus visual interfaces for use while driving. In International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, 20 (5) pp. 318-332. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/B6WGR-4R53RGK-1/2/d274a6e07293b80d3ff7327dba82ce3d

Dicke, Christina, Deo, Shaleen, Billinghurst, Mark, Adams, Nathan, Lehikoinen, Juha (2008): Experiments in mobile spatial audio-conferencing: key-based and gesture-based interaction. In: Hofte, G. Henri ter, Mulder, Ingrid, Ruyter, Boris E. R. de (eds.) Proceedings of the 10th Conference on Human-Computer Interaction with Mobile Devices and Services - Mobile HCI 2008 September 2-5, 2008, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. pp. 91-100. https://doi.acm.org/10.1145/1409240.1409251

Dicke, Christina, Sodnik, Jaka, Billinghurst, Mark, Tomazic, Saso (2007): Spatial Auditory Interfaces Compared to Visual Interfaces for Mobile Use in a Driving Task. In: Cardoso, Jorge, Cordeiro, José, Filipe, Joaquim (eds.) ICEIS 2007 - Proceedings of the Ninth International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems Volume HCI June 12-16, 2007, Funchal, Portugal. pp. 282-285.

Dicke, Christina, Wolf, Katrin, Tal, Yaroslav (2010): Foogue: eyes-free interaction for smartphones. In: Proceedings of 12th Conference on Human-computer interaction with mobile devices and services , 2010, . pp. 455-458. https://doi.acm.org/10.1145/1851600.1851705

Dicke, Christina, Aaltonen, Viljakaisa, Rämo, Anssi, Vilermo, Miikka (2010): Talk to me: the influence of audio quality on the perception of social presence. In: Proceedings of the HCI10 Conference on People and Computers XXIV , 2010, . pp. 309-318. https://dl.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=2146349

Sodnik, Jaka, Tomazic, Saso, Dicke, Christina, Billinghurst, Mark (2008): Spatial Auditory Interface for an Embedded Communication Device in a Car. In: Proceedings of the 2008 International Conference on Advances in Computer-Human Interactions , 2008, . pp. 69-76. https://doi.ieeecomputersociety.org/10.1109/ACHI.2008.38

Dicke, Christina, Jakus, Grega, Tomazic, Saso, Sodnik, Jaka (2012): On the Evaluation of Auditory and Head-up Displays While Driving. In: Proceedings of the 2012 International Conference on Advances in Computer-Human Interactions , 2012, . pp. 200-203. https://www.thinkmind.org/download.php?articleid=achi_2012_8_20_20191 PDF