Author: Carl Myhill

Carl Myhill is the Head of User Experience for GE Energy's NetworkReliability Products and Services division. He moved to Cambridge 8years ago as the first Interaction Designer for Smallworld, aGeographic Information Systems (GIS) company, where he eventually gotthe opportunity to lead the redesign of the Smallworld flagship product(called 'The Core'), with a fantastic team. GE acquired Smallworldseveral years ago and it becaome merged with other GE businesses inScotland, Florida, Calgary, Denver and Sweden, to form NRPS.

Carl leads a global team of 22 people, some are InteractionDesigners, some are Technical Writers but a significant number areDesign Communicators (Technical Writers now heavily involved indesign). The make-up of NRPS design teams and the design process usedare based on the Cooper way of working. Both the team structure andGoal-Directed Design(TM) have been extremely effective at NRPS withPersonas, Scenarios and Paper Prototyping routine. Right now Carl is on assignment near Lake Tahoe in Nevada, helping another GE Energy group get started with Goal-Directed Design.

Carl has a PhD in Applied Psychology (Human-Computer Interaction) and aMasters in Artifical Intelligence from Cranfield University, and a BScin Mathematics for Business from Middlesex University. He has worked in the field of User Experience Design for 13 years (though he didn't used to call it that) and still writesthe odd paper on User Experience for fun, because he can't leave italone (see

For fun, Carl builds accessible websites and likes to diddle around with xhtml, CSS and that sort of thing.

For real fun, he likes doing outdoor stuff like cycling, swimming, running, kayaking, hiking, camping - well, you get the idea...


Publication period start: 2003
Number of co-authors: 0


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