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Author: C. Candace Chou


Publication period start: 2002
Number of co-authors: 0


Chou, C. Candace (2002): A Comparative Content Analysis of Student Interaction in Synchronous and Asynchronous Lear. In: HICSS 2002 , 2002, . pp. 134. https://csdl.computer.org/comp/proceedings/hicss/2002/1435/05/14350134babs.htm

Chou, C. Candace (2005): CSCL for Community Building and Digital Equity. In: ICALT 2005 - Proceedings of the 5th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies 05-08 July, 2005, Kaohsiung, Taiwan. pp. 285-286. https://doi.ieeecomputersociety.org/10.1109/ICALT.2005.96