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Professor Arnold Jonathan Wilkins, BSc. D.Phil., C.Psychol., F.B.Ps.S. F.R.S.M. Hon F.Coll. Optom.

Professor Wilkins obtained a doctorate from Sussex University, UK, for work on human memory. He then spent two years at the Montreal Neurological Institute (1972-1974) where he became interested in epilepsy. He returned to England to work as a research scientist at the Medical Research Council Applied Psychology Unit, Cambridge (1974-1997). His initial studies of photosensitive epilepsy and techniques for treatment led to a more general interest in medical aspects of vision. He has been responsible for several innovations, including the first demonstration that fluorescent lighting is detrimental to health, and the invention of the first scientifically designed system for ophthalmic tinting, and its introduction into optometric practice in the UK. He has a wide range of research interests including the neuropsychology of vision, reading and colour, photosensitive epilepsy, migraine, typography, human memory and attention. These interests have helped him formulate the first unified theory of Visual Stress, detailed in his book with this title (Oxford University Press, 1995). The theory has recently found support in independent functional imaging studies. His most recent book "Reading through colour" (Wiley, 2003) provides a review of the theory that underpins the use of coloured filters for reading, as well as a guide for practitioners. He is currently head of the Visual Perception Unit at the University of Essex.

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