Author: Argyris Arnellos


Publication period start: 2003
Publication period end: 2005
Number of co-authors: 14


Number of publications with favourite co-authors
Evangelos Vlachogiannis
Carlos A. Velasco
Yehya Mohamad

Productive Colleagues

Most productive colleagues in number of publications
John Darzentas
Carlos A. Velasco
Julio Abascal


Velasco, Carlos A., Mohamad, Yehya, Gilman, Alfred S., Viorres, Nikos, Vlachogiannis, Evangelos, Arnellos, Argyris, Darzentas, Jenny S. (2004): Universal access to information services -- the need for user information and its relation. In Universal Access in the Information Society, 3 (1) pp. 88-95.

Darzentas, John, Arnellos, Argyris, Darzentas, Jenny, Koutsabasis, Panayiotis, Spyrou, Thomas, Viorres, Nikos, Vlachogiannis, Evangelos, Velasco, Carlos A., Mohamad, Yehya, Abascal, Julio, Tomas-Guerra, Jorge, Arrue-Recondo, Myriam (2003): IRIS: Implementing an Open Environment supporting Inclusive Design of Internet Application. In: Proceedings of IFIP INTERACT03: Human-Computer Interaction , 2003, Zurich, Switzerland. pp. 749.

Arnellos, Argyris, Vosinakis, Spyros (2005): Emergence of Representational Structures in Virtual Agents. In: Panayiotopoulos, Themis, Gratch, Jonathan, Aylett, Ruth, Ballin, Daniel, Olivier, Patrick, Rist, Thomas (eds.) IVA 2005 - Intelligent Virtual Agents - 5th International Working Conference September 12-14, 2005, Kos, Greece. pp. 504.