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Dr. Anne Adams is a Research Fellow at UCL Interaction Centre and a visiting Senior Lecturer at the Middlesex University 'Interaction Design Centre' and external examiner for Bath University. Recent research has reviewed the use of information and digital resources within different parts of the health service. Findings were not only published but also fed back to the information providers and designers in the development of their systems. The success of this project has increased collaborative links both within the public and commercial sector.

Dr Adams previous research into usability and security (i.e. authentication, privacy and trust) has extended into CSCW and multimedia communications. Recent publications and a Book chapter relate to these issues in both the academic and health domain.

She is a member of the ACM and has been on the committee for the British HCI group and has organised the Healthcare Digital Library workshop (at the European Conference for Digital libraries) for the past two years. She has presented at and chaired sessions at international conferences and been both an invited and keynote speaker for academic, industrial and health organisations across the world. In 2005 she was an invited speaker at the 'Royal Society of Medicine' and 'GOOGLE' while also winning the 'best international paper' at the IEEE / ACM joint conference for digital libraries.

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