Visual Design: The Ultimate Guide

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How This Course Will Help Your Career

What You’ll Learn

  • What good design is and how to create it

  • How to effectively use visual design elements and principles in your work

  • What color theory is and how to use it effectively

  • How to confidently use color to improve your work

  • The importance of type and the power of visual inflection

  • How to design with type and create effective communication

  • The importance of grid systems and how they provide order to our everyday lives

  • How to use grid systems to improve your work

In this course, you will gain a holistic understanding of visual design and increase your knowledge of visual principles, color theory, typography, grid systems and history. You’ll also learn why visual design is so important, how history influences the present, and practical applications to improve your own work. These insights will help you to achieve the best possible user experience.

In the first lesson, you’ll learn the difference between visual design elements and visual design principles. You’ll also learn how to effectively use visual design elements and principles by deconstructing several well-known designs. 

In the second lesson, you’ll learn about the science and importance of color. You’ll gain a better understanding of color modes, color schemes and color systems. You’ll also learn how to confidently use color by understanding its cultural symbolism and context of use. 

In the third lesson, you’ll learn best practices for designing with type and how to effectively use type for communication. We’ll provide you with a basic understanding of the anatomy of type, type classifications, type styles and typographic terms. You’ll also learn practical tips for selecting a typeface, when to mix typefaces and how to talk type with fellow designers. 

In the final lesson, you’ll learn about grid systems and their importance in providing structure within design. You’ll also learn about the types of grid systems and how to effectively use grids to improve your work.

You’ll be taught by some of the world’s leading experts. The experts we’ve handpicked for you are the Vignelli Distinguished Professor of Design Emeritus at RIT R. Roger Remington, author of “American Modernism: Graphic Design, 1920 to 1960”; Co-founder of The Book Doctors Arielle Eckstut and leading color consultant Joann Eckstut, co-authors of “What Is Color?” and “The Secret Language of Color”; Award-winning designer and educator Mia Cinelli, TEDx speaker of “The Power of Typography”; Betty Cooke and William O. Steinmetz Design Chair at MICA Ellen Lupton, author of “Thinking with Type”; Chair of the Graphic + Interactive communication department at the Ringling School of Art and Design Kimberly Elam, author of "Grid Systems: Principles of Organizing Type.”

Throughout the course, we’ll supply you with lots of templates and step-by-step guides so you can go right out and use what you learn in your everyday practice.

In the “Build Your Portfolio Project: Redesign,” you’ll find a series of fun exercises that build upon one another and cover the visual design topics discussed. If you want to complete these optional exercises, you will get hands-on experience with the methods you learn and in the process you’ll create a case study for your portfolio which you can show your future employer or freelance customers.

You can also learn with your fellow course-takers and use the discussion forums to get feedback and inspire other people who are learning alongside you. You and your fellow course-takers have a huge knowledge and experience base between you, so we think you should take advantage of it whenever possible.

You earn a verifiable and industry-trusted Course Certificate once you’ve completed the course. You can highlight it on your resume, your LinkedIn profile or your website.

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Is This Course Right for You?

This is a beginner-level course suitable for anyone who wants to understand the foundations of visual design and improve the quality of their work. This course is particularly valuable for:

  • UX designers, UI designers, visual designers and graphic designers looking to increase their visual design knowledge and gain practical skills to improve their work.

  • Junior designers who want to progress faster in their career by enhancing their visual design skills.

  • Students keen to understand the importance of visual design, learn its history and integrate foundational principles into their work.

  • Anyone who is interested in visual design principles that can be applied to all types of products. 

Learn and Work with a Global Community of Designers

When you take part in this course, you’ll join a global community and work together to improve your skills and career opportunities. Connect with helpful peers and make friends with like-minded individuals as you push deeper into the exciting and booming industry of creativity and design. You will have the opportunity to share ideas, learn from your fellow course participants and enjoy the social aspects afforded by our open and friendly forum.

Lessons in This Course

  • Each week, one lesson becomes available.
  • There’s no time limit to finish a course. Lessons have no deadlines.
  • Estimated learning time: 17 hours 36 mins spread over 6 weeks .

Lesson 0: Welcome and Introduction

Available once you start the course. Estimated time to complete: 1 hour 5 mins.

Lesson 1: Visual Principles

Available once you start the course. Estimated time to complete: 2 hours 57 mins.

Lesson 2: Color Theory

Available anytime after Aug 06, 2024. Estimated time to complete: 5 hours 2 mins.

Lesson 3: Typography

Available anytime after Aug 13, 2024. Estimated time to complete: 4 hours 14 mins.

Lesson 4: Grid Systems

Available anytime after Aug 20, 2024. Estimated time to complete: 4 hours 18 mins.

Lesson 5: Course Certificate, Final Networking, and Course Wrap-up

Available anytime after Aug 27, 2024.

How Others Have Benefited

Nikita Duhan

Nikita Duhan, India

“It was indeed the ultimate guide to visual design. I always assumed there was nothing much to visual design because what could I possibly learn about colours, or fonts, (I didn't even know about grids, all I knew were tables). But taking this course has taught me a great deal about why visual design is important, and the polish it can bring to a digital product. It can in a way make or break them, and I am never going to take it lightly again.”


Rakshith, India

“Easy to understand for a person who has zero knowledge about design.”

Venkateswar Gopisetti

Venkateswar Gopisetti, United States

“The course content is very well structured and comprehensive at the theoretical - to get to the right basics of design.”

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Visual Design: The Ultimate Guide
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Visual Design: The Ultimate Guide

2.2 - What is Color?

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Visual Design: The Ultimate Guide

2.7 - Why Do Colors Change?

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Visual Design: The Ultimate Guide

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