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Jul 29

There is an old English folk saying that goes, "If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen." I have a different approach: Do something about the heat. The folk saying would have us accept the poor designs of the world. Why? After all, if people were responsible for the "heat" in the first place, then people should be able to do something about it. Is the kitchen too hot? Redesign it.

-- Don Norman

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Jul 28

A user will find any interface design intuitive...with enough practice.

-- Popular computer one-liner


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Jul 27

Constraints are limitations. They may be expressed anything from gentle suggestions to stringent rules. People are always operating under some set of constraints: the physical limitations of survival (air to breathe, food, and water); the constraints of language on verbal expression; the limitations of social acceptability in public situations (e.g. wearing clothes).
Constraints [...] should limit, not what the user can do, but what the user is likely to think of doing. Context is the most effective medium for presenting such constraints. The user's ability to recognize and comply with implicit, context-based constraints is a common human skill, exercised automatically in most situations, and not requiring concentrated effort or explicit attention.

-- Brenda Laurel in "Interface as Memesis" (in User-Centered System Design (1986))


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