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Bundle of 17 User Research templates

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Table of contents for “User Research” master template bundle

Bundle of 17 User Research templates
  1. How to Conduct an Interview with Empathy
  2. Concrete Examples and Critical Incidents
  3. Customer Journey Map
  4. Good Questions for Stakeholder Interviews
  5. How to Structure a User Interview
  6. Interview Guide
  7. Practicalities and Difficulties of Conducting Observations
  8. Principles of Contextual Inquiry
  9. Research Plan Checklist
  10. Research Project Plan Example
  11. Semi-Structured Interviews – Different Types of Questions
  12. Steps in a Contextual Inquiry Session
  13. Steps in a Thematic Analysis
  14. Tips and Tricks for Running a Contextual Inquiry Session
  15. What to Look Out For When Conducting Observations
  16. How to Carry Out Follow-Up Interviews
  17. How to Ask Open-Ended Questions

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