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Bundle of 41 Design Thinking templates

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Table of contents for “Design Thinking” master template bundle

Bundle of 41 Design Thinking templates
  1. 5 Whys Method
  2. 6 Thinking Hats
  3. Affinity Diagrams
  4. Analogies
  5. Aristotle's 7 Elements of Good Storytelling
  6. Bingo Selection
  7. Braindump
  8. Brainstorm - 8 Rules
  9. Brainwalk
  10. Brainwrite
  11. Building Empathy with Analogies
  12. Challenge Assumptions
  13. How to Conduct an Interview with Empathy
  14. Create Some Space
  15. Empathy Map
  16. Engaging Personas
  17. Feedback Capture Grid
  18. Four Categories Method
  19. How Might We Questions
  20. I Like, I Wish, What If
  21. Idea Selection Criteria
  22. Journey Map
  23. Now Wow How Matrix
  24. Point of View - Problem Statement
  25. Dot Voting
  26. Prototyping for Empathy
  27. Prototyping to Decide
  28. Prototyping to Test
  30. Sharing Inspiring Stories
  31. Gathering Feedback on Your Prototypes
  32. Space Saturate and Group
  33. Story Share-and-Capture
  34. What-How-Why Method
  35. Worst Possible Idea
  36. Customer Journey Map
  37. Steps in a Thematic Analysis
  38. Cultural Probe
  39. Stakeholder Map
  40. How to Carry Out a Bodystorming Session
  41. How to Carry Out User Observations

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