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Yuan Sun


Publications by Yuan Sun (bibliography)

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Lee, Seoyeon, Sun, Yuan and Thiry, Elizabeth (2011): Do you believe in love at first sight: effects of media richness via modalities on viewers' overall impressions of online dating profiles. In: Proceedings of the 2011 iConference 2011. pp. 332-339. Available online

This research investigates the relationship between media modalities of personal profile and overall impression in the context of online dating. Drawing from Media Richness Theory [1] and MAIN Model [2], the present study examines how different media modalities of online dating profiles (text only, text and audio, text and video) trigger cognitive heuristics and influence impression formation, memory of profile contents and behavior intention. Participants (N = 266) were exposed to fictitious online dating profiles presented via text-only, text and audio-, text and video modalities. Results indicated the media modalities have significant impacts on generating cognitive heuristics and memory of the profile contents, where gender differences and priming effects play important roles. Only the effects of profile modalities on memory of profile contents were found in our study. The theoretical and practical implications of the findings for understanding the structural relationship among modality, cognitive heuristics, and overall impression are considered. Limitations and future directions are also discussed.

© All rights reserved Lee et al. and/or ACM Press

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Sun, Yuan, Stockman, A. G. and Woodward, M. C. (1992): Enhancing the HCI of Relational Databases by the Use of Temporal Concepts. In: East-West International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction: Proceedings of the EWHCI92 1992. pp. 453-462.

The paper first identifies a number of data frames of temporal data and describes how these can be modelled using a time-sequence (TS) approach. The TS model is used to extend the relational model to provide specific processing schemes for the different frames of temporal data. It is shown how the properties of such data can be exploited by use of the model, giving increased flexibility for processing of temporal data within a user friendly environment. It is shown how this approach can be adapted to handle the backup and recovery of temporal data. The structure of each frame is described, followed by the implementation strategy and examples of queries. A unique user interface with temporal intervals and functions is also described.

© All rights reserved Sun et al. and/or Intl. Centre for Scientific And Technical Information

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