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Kristiina Karvonen

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Helsinki University of Technology

Kristiina Karvonen is a cognitive scientist and an art historian, who has worked both as usability specialist both in the academic world and in the industry, as well as in the arts field as producer and writer. Her doctorate is in computer security, more specifically usable security, and online trust.


Publications by Kristiina Karvonen (bibliography)

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Koskela, Joakim, Karvonen, Kristiina, Kilinkaridis, Theofanis and Gurtov, Andrei (2010): Secure and usable P2P VoIP for mobile devices. In: Proceedings of 12th Conference on Human-computer interaction with mobile devices and services 2010. pp. 439-442.

The use of Voice over IP (VoIP) applications involves a number of security threats and usability issues, leading to possible breaches of security and privacy. With the adoption of future peer-to-peer communication systems, the challenges grow even more as we rely on untrusted peers to access the service. We are developing a peer-to-peer VoIP system which features techniques for improving the security and privacy of users in future networks. However, as the threats are seldom well understood, presenting them in a usable manner is problematic. Implemented on a mobile device, the small user interface provides additional challenges for the end user. Via interviews, a questionnaire and usability testing, we seek to improve both the usability of managing and understanding the additional security, as well as the overall user experience of the emerging application.

© All rights reserved Koskela et al. and/or their publisher

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Karvonen, Kristiina (2009): How does the emergence of reputation mechanisms affect the overall trust formation mechanisms, implicit and explicit, in the online environment?. In: Proceedings of the 2009 Symposium on Usable Privacy and Security 2009. p. 54.

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Karvonen, Kristiina (2007): Creating Home Network Access for the Elderly. In: Stephanidis, Constantine (ed.) UAHCI 2007 - 4th International Conference on Universal Access in Human-Computer Interaction - Part 1 July 22-27, 2007, Beijing, China. pp. 942-949.

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Karvonen, Kristiina (2007): Users and Trust: The New Threats, the New Possibilities. In: Stephanidis, Constantine (ed.) Universal Access in Human-Computer Interaction. Applications and Services, 4th International Conference on Universal Access in Human-Computer Interaction, UAHCI 2007 Held as Part of HCI International 2007 Beijing, China, July 22-27, 2007 Proceedings, Part July 22-27, 2007, Beijing, China. pp. 893-902.

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Karvonen, Kristiina and Lindqvist, Janne (2007): Usability Improvements for WLAN Access. In: Jacko, Julie A. (ed.) HCI International 2007 - 12th International Conference - Part I July 22-27, 2007, Beijing, China. pp. 549-558.

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Karvonen, Kristiina (2001): Designing trust for a universal audience: a multicultural study on the formation of trust in the Internet in the Nordic Countries. In: Stephanidis, Constantine (ed.) HCI International 2001 - Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction August 5-10, 2001, New Orleans, USA. pp. 1078-1082.

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Karvonen, Kristiina (2000): Experimenting with Metaphors for All: A User Interface for a Mobile Electronic Payment Device. In: Emiliani, Pier Luigi and Stephanidis, Constantine (eds.) Proceedings of the 6th ERCIM Workshop on User Interfaces for All October 25-26, 2000, Florence, Italy. p. 6.

To make payments on the move with a mobile, hand-held device is a novel thing for most users and presents the users with novel kinds of use situations to deal with. Being secure when making money transactions, is one of the most important criteria for such actions. To ensure secure use, we must be able to come up with a user interface design for such transactions that makes the system easy-to-use and understandable to even the most novice users. Finding a fit metaphor to accomplish this task is not an easy task but something that still has to be puzzled out. We tried to use a checkbook as a metaphor for handling these payments, and found that this metaphor was only partly successful in communicating the system to the users.

© All rights reserved Karvonen and/or The European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics - ERCIM

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Karvonen, Kristiina and Holmstrom, Ursula (2000): Expressing Trust. In: Proceedings of the First Nordic Conference on Human-Computer Interaction 2000. .

The key question is, how to deal with the complexity that security inevitably holds within. How could we guarantee that users can, at the same time, make a simple yet accurate decision about trust? Should we try to imitate the real-world trust between people or between people and banks, for example, or would some other approach be more fruitful? From the user point of view, the problem areas include the following: * How can users find out if a service provider is trustworthy? * How can users get information about security and trust issues? * How can we motivate the users to care about their security in a positive way, and not to consider it as a burden?

© All rights reserved Karvonen and Holmstrom and/or their publisher

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Karvonen, Kristiina (2000): The Beauty of Simplicity. In: Proceedings of the 2000 ACM Conference on Universal Usability 2000. pp. 85-90.

In this paper we show how discussion about design quality or even usability is often discussion about aesthetics. First, we introduce some definitions of beauty in aesthetics. Then, we introduce how the beauty of the Web design affects the feeling of online trust, and bring forth observations about this design quality as an aesthetic notion. As a result, we present how simplicity and beauty affect the user's experience and interpretation of the design, and contemplate on how this perception may vary according to cultural background, age, and the amount of user experience. We will also envision some future trends for the aesthetics of user interfaces.

© All rights reserved Karvonen and/or ACM Press

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Giller, Verena, Tscheligi, Manfred, Sefelin, Reinhard, Kankainen, Anu, Puskala, Aapo and Karvonen, Kristiina (1999): Maypole highlights: image makers. In Interactions, 6 (6) pp. 12-15.

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