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Henri Barki


Publications by Henri Barki (bibliography)

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Grange, Camille and Barki, Henri (2006): Developpement d'un outil de mesure de l'utilisabilit des intranets. In: Proceedings of the 2006 Conference of the Association Francophone dInteraction Homme-Machine 2006. pp. 149-152.

This paper reports on an ongoing research project on intranet usability. Intranets are web-based information systems that are thought to boost employee productivity and improve organizational performance. For its part, usability is considered to be a key factor that influences the quality of computer-human interactions. The objective of the research is to develop and validate an instrument with which the usability of a given intranet can be measured. The present paper provides an introduction to the subject and the research problem. It also presents a synthesis of the literature on intranet usability and a research model for assessing it. The last section describes the methodological approach adopted for a study that is currently in progress, and the initial results obtained from the first round of the data collection.

© All rights reserved Grange and Barki and/or ACM Press

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Barki, Henri (2005): Enterprise Information Systems Implementation Research: Assessment and Suggestions for the Future. In: Chen, Chin-Sheng, Filipe, Joaquim, Seruca, Isabel and Cordeiro, Jos (eds.) ICEIS 2005 - Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems May 25-28, 2005, Miami, USA. p. 11.

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Hartwick, Jon and Barki, Henri (1999): Conflict Management Styles of Users and Analysts, and their Impact on Conflict Resolution. In: HICSS 1999 1999. .

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Hartwick, Jon and Barki, Henri (1997): Delineating the Dimensions of User Participation: A Replication and Extension. In: HICSS 1997 1997. pp. 67-75.

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