Barry de Klerk’s Course Certificate: The Brain and Technology: Brain Science in Interface Design

Course Certificate

The IxDF Course Certificate above is awarded to Barry de Klerk in formal recognition of their coursework surpassing the rigorous benchmarks of exceptional performance established by the IxDF Educational Codex.

Barry de Klerk has mastered how to:
  • Create effective designs based on how the brain manages and prioritizes sensory information.
  • Build software that’s intuitive to use by applying knowledge of how the brain processes information.
  • Create designs with the right level of feedback so that people feel a sense of control when using it, thus increasing its satisfaction.
  • Design user interfaces which reduce the need for human memory and thus increase the success and engagement rates.

About the IxDF - Interaction Design Foundation

IxDF - Interaction Design Foundation

Founded in 2002, the Interaction Design Foundation (IxDF) sets the industry gold standard for learning design, with courses taught by experts from industry leaders such as NASA, Google, and Adobe.

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