Journal of Environmental Protection and Ecology

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The Journal of Environmental Protection and Ecology is an international peer-reviewed journal for the fundamental, technological, social, political and other research, discussions, and new ideas for the environment protection and sustainable development of the region. The main topics of interest are: research and education for sustainable development; air pollution; water pollution; soil pollution; agricultural pollution; industrial pollution; risk assessment; ecology; marine ecology; solid waste management; environmental protection and sustainable development; clean technologies; environmental radioactivity; environmental legislation; environmental management; environmental education; Environnemental Information Systems, Computer Applications in Environmental Science and Studies, e-learning.


Mentzelou, Paraskevi, Vosniakos, Fokion, Dardavesis, Theodoros, Papadakis, Nikolaos, Nikolaou, Konstantinos, Athansiadou, Christina (2009): An Information System for Hospital Waste Management. In Journal of Environmental Protection and Ecology, 10 (1) pp. 285-294.