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With an engineering background, Jean-Francois Nogier began his career in searching how to develop advanced software able to assist human being in text writing. As he went along in my research, he understood that the add-value of a software lies in its suitability with the user, not in the implemented algorithms. This is the reason why he get interested in Ergonomics: wondering how software could take the best advantage of human capabilities.

Three periods have marked his career: the first one at the IBM France Scientific Center, then the development of operational systems at Thales and lastly the founding of Usabilis a consulting agency dedicated to usability.

1985-1991: Software Research

Software PhD Engineer, Jean-Francois Nogier began my career in the IBM France Scientific Center where he led a research about Natural Language Generation. Several publications result from this research including a book, published by Hermès editor, entitled Génération automatique de langage et graphes conceptuels (Natural Language Generation and Conceptual Graphs).

1991-2001: Man-Machine Interface Design

In 1991, Jean-Francois Nogier integrated Thomson-CSF group, now called Thales. He joined first, a research team about man-machine interaction. Then, as design specialist, he have been provided consultancy services to the development teams during design and prototyping phases for air traffic control workstations. Jean-Francois Nogier has thus been involved in the development of several air control centers.

Since 2001: Usability Consulting

In 2001, Jean-Francois Nogier found Usabilis a consulting agency dedicated to usability. He is working with management staffs during the design phase of their web site, or other interactive product based on software, in order to insure that the proposed services efficiently answer to the users needs and demands.

In parallel, Jean-Francois Nogier is providing courses about Software Usability and Web Design at Paris Dauphine University, INT (Telecom National Institute), ISEP (Paris Institute of Electronics) and Supélec.

He has written (in French) a book entitled Software Ergonomics and Web Design (Ergonomie du logiciel et Design web) which provides a synthesis of recommendations resulting from the experiments ran during these last ten years in the field of software usability.

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Nogier, Jean-Francois (2001): De l\'ergonomie du logiciel au design des sites web (Software ergonomics for the design of Web sites), Dunod,