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Gitte Lindgaard



Gitte Lindgaard, PhD, is a Distinguished Research Professor at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada, and a Professor of Neuroaffective Design at Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia. Until recently, she was Director of the Human Oriented Technology Lab (HOTLab) holding the prestigious Canadian Natural Science & Engineering Research Council's NSERC/Cognos Senior Industry Research Chair in User-Centred Product Design. Prior to that, she was Principal Scientist and Head of the Human Factors Team at Telstra Research Laboratories, Australia for 15 years. She was Chair of CHISIG of the Ergonomics Society of Australia (ESA) (1986-1992; 1998-2000) where she founded the OZCHI conference in 1986. She is a Fellow of the HF&ESA, the deputy editor of Interacting with Computers, and associate editor of several international HCI journals such as the International Journal of Human-Computer Studies and The International Journal of Mobile HCI. Her research interests include aesthetics, cognition, and emotion in computing, and human decision making, especially in diagnostic medicine. She has published over 200 refereed papers, books, and book chapters.

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