Hosted by IxDF New York City
Apr 16th, 2020
5:00pm - 8:00pm (UTC -05:00)
The Drink Lab of [your name here] ,, Everybody's Coming to My House - Credit to David Byrne / Brian Eno -, Digital City of Brooklyn -, NY
84 IxDF Members (and some non-members) are attending
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Meet-Up Details

Hi IxDF New York City. There is a time for working hard, and a time for letting off some steam.
This event was originally in person, but due to COVID-19, our leadership team has elected to shift this to a digital happy hour.

I'll be posting a few lovable elixirs in our Slack channel, and I'll plan to be online via Slack from 5-6pm EST with a concoction in hand. I hope you'll join me, tell us what your home drink lab is mixing up that evening, and add to the conversation.

Meet-Up Discussion

Hi all! Please use this discussion thread to discuss UX Happy Hour held on Apr 16, 2020. Feel free to ask questions about the place, date and time, agenda of the meeting, or anything else.

Have a place you'd like to see the next UX Happy Hour in your neighborhood? Let me know and I'll try to get a diverse set of locations for the next batch of Happy Hour's as we head into the warmer Spring months. Thanks for contributing in advance!

This event has been changed from an in-person event to a digital happy hour due to COVID-19. See you all on the Slack channels instead. I'll be on from 5-6pm EST.

Can you send an invite to the Slack channel? Thanks


I hope everyone is safe and well during this COVID19 seasons.

I am new to design so I was wondering what are the basic tools that I would have to familiarize myself with? ( Adobe photoshop, html, etc)

Looking forward to learning more!!

Hi Gianni,

I'm a newbie as well but I believe Sketch and Invision. Hope that helps.

The trends are vary but these are my thoughts. Axure is great to get your into wireframes and mid to fidelity to design system solutions.

While Sketch, Figma, and Adobe XD are powerful tools their more UI driven and offer various plugins add-ons for various nice to have solutions.

You'd have to do research on what's your preference and learn each platforms quirks. My goal is just to use a tool to help me with the conversation with clients and partners as we move through different iteration of our design idea.

thanks for those thoughts. I'm excited to dive into learning more!!

The invite to the Slack channel is on our main page just below the summary. https://www.interaction-design.org/local-group/north-america/united-states/nyc

Hi Tenaya, I clicked the Slack link and it asked me to create an account. After doing so, I'm only able to access my Slack account. Is there a link or an invite you can send to my Slack account?

Thanks everyone for attending tonight! We'll get a few more UX Happy Hour events on the books TBA.

I look forward to a future event. Please attach a direct link to future notifications if possible. Thank you

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