Career Change to UX

Hosted by IxDF London
Jan 25th, 2020
10:00am - 12:00pm (UTC +00:00)
Mercato Metropolitano, Mayfair, St Mark’s, North Audley Street, London
32 IxDF Members (and some non-members) are attending
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Meet-Up Details

Hi IxDF London, I'm working towards a career change into UX design and wanted to meet up with anyone who might have done the same? It'd be great to hear your stories and how you got your break.

I've now been in touch with Mercato and the room they have probably isn't workable. So what we'll do is meet in the main hall on one of the big tables from 10am to 12. I'll have a an IxDF logo printed out on the table so you can find us when you arrive. Looking forward to sharing stories in a relaxed chat over a coffee.

Meet-Up Discussion

Hi all! Please use this discussion thread to discuss Career Change to UX held on Jan 25, 2020. Feel free to ask questions about the place, date and time, agenda of the meeting, or anything else.

Hi Chris and everyone,

I’m a new UX designer from San Francisco (came over from customer experience, sales and a bit of graphic design), thinking about and planning to make the move to work in London. Where I was born. I hope to make a few trips there in 2020 in order to scope out, interview, and meet people in the design community. Wondering if it’s ok that I join this group.

Cheers, Dave

Hi Dave, sure no issues. I've moved overseas a few times myself, so I know what a shift it can be - even if you were born here! Will you be in town on the 25th?

Thanks for the welcome Chris! I won’t be in town on the 25th, but am planning a few trips to London later this year. One might be coming up in March. This group has a lot of promise—haven’t seen too many like this one so far on IxDF.

No worries. I've no idea where it'll go but there seems to be some good interest so let's see. Feel free to give me a shout when you are in town later in the year though. Cheers

It's kismet - I was coming on here to suggest the very same meet up :-) is it ok if i invite myself ? I'm at the very start of my journey to becoming a Ux designer and would welcome hearing any success stories; if anything to reassure myself that I haven't lost my mind by attempting to change careers (!)

I just signed up... Because I too lost my mind and decided to change career! haha! :-) Hey


I'm moving to London next week and am looking to start a career in UX! I'm very new to this all so would love to come along!

Hoping I can make it - definitely of interest!

I would love to come as well as I am aiming for a career change in UX! Hope I can make it

Hi everyone, wow there's more people here than I'd imagined which is great. Hopefully we'll be a mix of those new to UX and some who've been working with it for a while. I'm guessing we'd break into smaller discussions rather than one person talking to the room. With this amount of people, does anyone have any thoughts on a decent venue?

Would be great to attend - dependent on location - will this be central Lon?

Hi everyone!

My name is Lara. I am from Spain but currently, living and working in London.

I am an architect and although I really love architecture, the essence of it, I want to start my transition from architect to UX designer.

I think architecture and UX are deeply about the human experience and have many similarities.

Many of the skills overlap that is why I hope that being a member of IDF, taking the courses and attending the meetings is going to help me to start building my new career.

For the venue… it is my first meet up and I don't know what kind of venues you use for these events but maybe Mercato Metropolitano in Mayfair works?

Hi Lara, I have the same background in architecture and I've already made the transition into UI/UX. Although I'm still at the beginning and I have a lot to learn, I can say it's totally doable and lots of skills are transferable. Looking forward to discuss more at the meeting.

Hi, Lara and Alina, another architect here, trying to get out (: I am looking forward to hearing your experiences!

Hi Lara, I am a spanish architect working in London and in the same situation that you describe. It would be great to have a chat with you and other people with similar backgrounds that want to transition into UX. Looking forward to it!

Hey Lara, I too work in architecture and have decided to move into UX. Really looking forward to meeting others who are making the same transition, it is daunting but exciting to get started! See you all next weekend?!

Hi all, Lara has suggested Mercato in Mayfair, which I think could work well. I'm not sure if they take bookings, but it's a big place so it should work. I'll give them a call and update the details. Nearest tube is probably Bond Street...

Hi Chris, since we are aiming for a central London location (Mercato in Mayfair) is there any chance this meet up can be done a bit later, from 11am onwards so I can have a bit more time for commute?

Hi Matina, I'm sure we can accommodate that. To be honest, 1 hour could go very quickly anyway, so I might change it to 10-12. I'm not planning on anything super structured really, so don't worry, you wouldn't miss anything. I'm just hoping that everyone will come together and chat about their experiences, what they want to do next and if we can help each other in some way. Does that help?

Ok, that’s fine. I will come as early as possible. thanks

Hello all, Im Akin and I just signed up today and hope to meet up on the 25th. Its nice to know that there are quite a few starting this journey also.

I can’t wait to get back to London. So many smart, passionate, interesting (and legitimately interested-in-the-world) people from all sorts of awesome disciplines. I’ve seen a few people here in San Francisco make the leap from architecture (or architecture study) into successful UX careers. There are several core principles and methodologies that crossover from architecture to user experience design.

Hi everyone, I'm Daniele and I just joined IDF! I'm curious to meet you during the meetup.

Hi Chris and everyone here,

I'm Chris (also) and I've just joined IDF to continue my learning and to beat my impostor syndrome after completing another UX design course. I am also working towards a career transition, from a completelly unrelated field, so it'd be lovely to meet others doing the same and learn more about what career background you're transitioning from. I look forward to meeting you all on the 25th : )

Oh no, looks like I won't be able to make it - so gutted! Hopefully there will be another meetup soon (any west Londoners here?) :)

No worries Alessia, let's see how this meet goes and who knows, we might all do it again soon enough. Hopefully you'll be able to join then. Cheers for now.

Unfortunately, I'm not going to be able to make this either! I was really looking forward to meeting you all and sharing experiences. I hope it goes well so we can make this a regular thing. Chris, thank you again for suggesting this and organizing. Enjoy guys.

OK Dee, thanks. Next time :)

Looking forward to meeting you all at Mercato Saturday, thanks for arranging the event!

No issues. Looking forward to it.

Hi guys, just a quick reminder about Saturday. It'd be great if you can let me know who's definitely coming, so I have a rough idea of numbers. Also if it's useful, here's a map of where to find Mercato if you've never been. It's in a converted church, so you look what to look out for when you're there. Just walk through the shop and into the main hall inside, we'll be there somewhere :)


Definitely coming! Looking forward to this one (:

I'll be popping along! Looking forward to meeting you guys and thanks for organising @Chris :)

me too!! See you tomorrow!

Hi everyone, I'm new here, I haven't managed to introduce myself yet. I'm in the process of organizing my knowledge about UX and I really wanted to meet all of you personally but unfortunately I won't be able to visit London this time. I hope to see you next time. Have a nice meeting.

Yes, next time Marcin. Hopefully we'll do this again soon...

Hi all. I think I can make this tomorrow. It'd be really good to meet some other IDFers. Is the plan 10am till 12?

HI Gavin, yes, that's still the plan - or whenever in between :)

Please can you give me an idea what will be the topics of discussion and information given? what is the schedule? With so many people, doesnt it need a bit of structure?

Hi Camilla, I've kept this first meeting very loose, so we can all meet each other and find out a bit about our backgrounds, what brings us to UX, the challenges we face, worries, whether we can help each other etc. Yes, there are quite a few people here, but I'll see today who we actually get - I don't expect everyone to be there. Hopefully you can make it...

See you all there

I'll be there. Looking forward to meeting you all. Thanks for organising this Chris : )

are you guys upstairs or downstairs

I am here but do not see anyone? Where are you sitting?

argghh! Family problems. Can’t make it! Damn. Hope it goes well. See you next time. Well done for organising Chris.

Sorry you missed today Gavin, perhaps next time. I hope you got everything sorted out :)

Hi guys, thanks all for today's meeting and Chris thanks for organizing. I hope everyone found the meeting interesting as I personally did. Let's meet in 2/3 weeks time to get started with the 3 projects.

What did we decided them to be eventually?

- Mobile app?

- Website redesign?

- Conversational UX (Audio)?

@Chirs: Let us know when and where, and how can we help you get this moved forward.

Some links to start with (you probably know most of them) :

Thanks for this Alberto, really useful. Yes I'm thinking an app and a website for sure, just wondering if the Audio UX thing is good for people to start with? I guess the principle is the same but maybe to start it'd be best to stick with visual stuff and then move on to audio?

HI guys, thanks to everyone for this morning's meet up. I've just emailed everyone about next steps, so if you didn't get that, please let me know. I may have typed your email incorrectly :)

Cheers for now


Hi Christ, I have not received an email. Here it is again thank you

Hi Judita, I've tried again. Let me know. I've also chopped your name in the email. Apologies :)

A very encouraging start yesterday. Looking forward to the next meeting. I would say a big thanks to all for contributing enthusiastically.


Great to meet you guys yesterday. Shame I had to leave early! It’d be great to hear about the project work and get involved somehow. My email’s

Hi Jay, really glad you dropped a note in here, I'll email you the note I sent out to everyone and if you're up for it, I'll add you in. Cheers

Sounds like it went well. I'll parachute into the next one :) Let me know if there's anything I can do. My email is Thanks!

OK cool, thanks Gavin. I'll drop you an email of what we're planning...

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