Bookclub is back

Hosted by IxDF Portland
Apr 9th, 2024
6:00pm - 6:30pm (UTC -07:00)
Online,, Portland, OR
6 IxDF Members (and some non-members) are attending
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Meet-Up Details

Start you engines - Portland Interaction Design Meet-Up is back at it again with another course oriented “bookclub” - woo!

We will meet every 2 weeks on Tuesday nights from 6-6:30 pm

Start date: April 9

End date: May 7 (ish - depends on how the course opens up to people)

Break week: May 21 (this is a buffer period so people can catch up if they need to)

Course: Information Visualization

Meeting Link

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We will be taking Information Visualization -

“Information visualization skills are in high demand, partly thanks to the rise in big data. Tech research giant Gartner Inc. observed that digital transformation has put data at the center of every organization. With the ever-increasing amount of information being gathered and analyzed, there’s an increasing need to present data in meaningful and understandable ways…” More details on the course page

Modules to finish by April 9:

  1. Introduction to Information Visualization

  2. Vision and Memory

What to bring to the meet-Up

  • Questions you had while taking the course

  • Something you found interesting

  • Yourself/ anything you’d like to talk about regarding the course or even not regarding the course

Usual Meet-up Format:

6-6:05 - Chat / get to know each other / people trickle in

6:05 - 6:10 - Ice breaker

6:10-6:30 - Discussion / plan next set of modules

6:30-6:45 - Extra discussion time if needed

Here’s the meeting link again in case you missed it!

Meet-Up Discussion

Hi all! Please use this discussion thread to discuss Bookclub is back held on Apr 9, 2024. Feel free to ask questions about the place, date and time, agenda of the meeting, or anything else.

Hey, Autumn and others! I’m located in Minneapolis, and I ❤️ the idea of doing a course with others! (It aligns with experiences I wrote about here.) I think I might join you.

I’m curious if past “book clubs” have been recorded. I’d love to get a taste of what to expect. I suspect that the answer is no, but I thought I’d ask. 🙂

Hello EJ, unfortunately we haven’t recorded any of our meetings but I hope you can join the next one!

Thank you Autumn for organizing! Here’s the link to our Slack channel:

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