2020 Guest Speaker Series featuring UX expert Michael Longe

Hosted by IxDF Seattle
Mar 31st, 2020
6:00pm - 8:00pm (UTC -08:00)
TBD, Not Decided Yet, Seattle, WA
32 IxDF Members (and some non-members) are attending
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Meet-Up Details

Hi UX designers in Seattle and surrounding areas! As the local leader of IxDF Seattle, I am planning monthly guest-speaker meetups at which we learn from industry leading experts.

In March I am pleased to announce that Michael Longe has agreed to speak on one of two topics:

1. "Think Like an Inventor." A little cross-training exercise that takes best practices for drawing up patent applications and applies it to brainstorming, problem-solving, and design.

2. Five Whys for UI. Drawing from Toyota's renowned problem-solving processes to think anew about our understanding of user workflows, wants, and needs.

About Michael:

"Michael is an accomplished design leader and team manager with hands-on experience in UX design, research, and rapid prototyping for mobile, embedded, and desktop/Web platforms, as well as an MBA focused on Technology Entrepreneurship. In addition to daily duties in Design Ops, his knowledge and interests span Cloud-connected devices, assistive and augmentative technologies, and robotics. Michael is currently pausing to consider where his next UX Director role should be."

Regarding the two topics, indicate which you'd prefer in the discussion notes! Also, if you sign up to attend, please attend!

I look forward to meeting you in the near future and if you'd like to potentially speak at a meetup, send me a message! Happy 2020!

Meet-Up Discussion

Hi all! Please use this discussion thread to discuss 2020 Guest Speaker Series featuring UX expert Michael Longe held on Mar 31, 2020. Please comment on which topic you'd like to hear MIchael speak.

Hi there - just wondering, are you still planning to hold this meetup? I know a lot of meetups have been cancelled because of Covid-19. Another idea would be to move it online?

(I exchanged messages with Shane this evening; he's trying to get back on this IDF discussion thread.)

As originally proposed, my first talk would be on the one topic or the other. But the topics are both at the "workshop" phase (to borrow a theatrical term), benefiting from discussion by a group of smart UX professionals before creating a presentation from it. So I'd like to wait on that discussion until we can be together in person, safely (6 feet +/- 3).

But, like some other IDF meetups right now, there's no reason not to try using conference technology to start meeting regularly. And I just read that Google is opening up all features of Hangouts Meet to everyone, without charge, at least while we are all Safer at Home.


I think this is a great suggestion

I think meeting regularly even virtually is a great idea. It will allow us to get to know each other more. I look forward to Tuesday night!

Hey, everybody. Thank you for your patience. Shane continues to try to regain ownership of this meetup thread; but without co-ownership I can't revise the Series topic either.

Here's the plan:

1. We'll meet virtually at 6:00 - 8:00 pm (PDT) on Tuesday, 31 Mar, as originally scheduled. Here's the Hangouts Meet info:

Join Hangouts Meet

Meeting URL: meet.google.com/urk-yzxw-ivs

Phone Number: (‪US‬) ‪+1 515-218-1188‬
PIN: ‪ 420 163 092#‬

(A Google account is required if you want to text/Chat, etc. during the meeting; downloading the Meet app is required if you want to view/send video etc. on your mobile phone; otherwise you should be able to view on a laptop and talk over the phone without .)

2. This will be an Open House, icebreaker, group introduction, and videoconferencing technology test.
(So don't panic if you are a few minutes late, e.g. while wrestling with the setup.)

Be prepared to give an answer to That Interview Question -- because it's good practice, whether you're in a career transition, like me, or are headed to your next cocktail party (in 3 months?).

3. Post here if anything goes wrong; we'll try to get you hooked in!

Hey, everybody! In case you didn't automatically get the invite for the newest IDF Seattle event, now back under Shane Massey's management, here it is:


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