Talk UX - Manchester (All day UX conference)

Hi all! Please use this discussion thread to discuss Talk UX - Manchester (All day UX conference) held on Sep 20, 2019. Feel free to ask any questions. :)

It is ticketed event, but don't forget to use IDF promotional 10% discount code: IDF10
The code is valid only for a limited time.

Hi Julia,

Can you just confirm about the price. In one paragraph it says Talk UX is free and then another it's saying you require a ticket - upto £150.

Plese can you give some clarrification as excited to attend.

Thank you.

Hello Victoria,

Thank you for highlighting this. The free text is automatic and non-changeable on IDF platform. :( I will mention to IDF to be able to amend this in future.

The conference is NOT free as it is full day conference and organised by Ladies That UX. We are just promoting this conference on IDF platform as it is really great conference for networking with local and global UXers.

As we are friends with LTUX and TalkUX, we have got our discount code which is mentioned in the main paragraph.

Again, apologies for the FREE text which sadly is out of my control.

Kind regards,

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