Coffee and UX Meet-up

Hi all! Please use this discussion thread to discuss Coffee and UX Meet-up held on Oct 30, 2019. Feel free to ask questions about the place, date and time, agenda of the meeting, or anything else.

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Some folks on my team may be attending. Thanks for setting up this event.

Hi everyone! I'm very much looking forward to attending and meeting you all. I'm excited to learn about the state of UX in the Detroit metro area. I'm beginning to prepare for my internship search for the summer as a requirement for the MSI program and would love to get insights and tips from y'all. I am hoping for a local internship as I don't want to leave my fur babies all summer, but I'm flexible.

Tonight! 7pm at The Office Coffee Shop in Royal Oak. See you there!

Still in Ann Arbor waiting for the bus. Afraid I won't make it back in time given the weather and traffic this time of day. If I get back in town by 7:30 I'll be swinging in to meet everyone face to face. If not, I hope you all have a good time! :)

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