Course Description

Selling online isn't simple. It's a highly competitive market. How do you design to capture someone's attention and then focus that attention where you want it? Once you've attracted potential clients to your website how do you present your goods and services so that they will buy them? This course will teach you how to do it. The course is based on tried and tested psychological techniques that bring together content and design to deliver increased sales and increased profits.

The Benefits

Web design is all about the customer; a website which fails to maximize sales and relationships will eventually lose out to its competitors. Everyone wants to sell more products or services through their online presence and yet, so many struggle to do this.

These lessons are designed to help you overcome barriers to online selling. The benefits include:

  • An understanding of how your customers think
  • The knowledge to make use of this to drive sales
  • The confidence to know that your web design is working for you and for your customers
  • To increase sales through your website and build lasting profitable relationships with clients

How the Course is Organized

There are 9 key areas related to the psychology of the online sale and each is covered within the lessons:

  • The Subconscious Mind
    How decisions are made in the brain and which part of the brain is really the web-designer's customer.
  • Belonging and Reciprocity
    Creating an online environment in which people feel part of a larger group and where they are grateful for your service and want to show that through purchasing your products and services.
  • Design to Grab the Attention
    Finding out where someone's attention will be focused on your site so that you can make use of even the shortest attention span to generate sales.
  • Choice is Not All That it Appears
    The psychology of choice and how it can be harnessed to generate sales rather than turn customers off.
  • It's all About Them, Gaining Commitment
    Powerful wording choices for content that focuses on the client and builds their commitment to a purchase from you.
  • Build Similarity and Then Make them Afraid to Lose
    Learn to tap into the subconscious drivers that steer people into buying a product or service.
  • Learn to Tell a Story
    See how coherent narrative can make it easier for your customers to engage with you and stay engaged.
  • Integrity Matters, Long-term Relationship Building
    Customer retention is more profitable than customer acquisition, learn how to keep your customers coming back in an ethical manner.
  • Sociability and Going Viral
    Thoughts on sharing and the next big thing in online selling.

Recommended Background: What You Should Know

The course is designed to take your online business to the next level and win over more customers than ever before. The sales skills and psychological techniques can be applied by anyone who is interested in improving their online business, product, or service. The course does not cover how to program or develop a website but rather how to use functionality to get the best sales results.

The course has been carefully prepared to ensure the learning curve is never too steep, whilst always providing you with the means to gain a deeper understanding of the terms, theories and issues being discussed. All participants will have the opportunity to share ideas, seek help with tests and enjoy the social aspects afforded by our open and friendly forum.

The lessons are presented by Nick Kellingley; an international training consultant with experience in helping online business around the world to increase their sales. There is both a practical element to the course as well as theory to help you understand why these techniques work. At the end of each lesson we present some further reading that may help you expand and better implement the strategies within.

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