Course Description

The growth in online sales is continuing at an incredible rate. As of the second half of the 2010s, online purchases represent 1 in 10 sales made in retail environments in developed economies such as the US. With the “always on” economy driven by smartphone internet access, the only reasonable expectations can be continued dramatic growth of online sales platforms. Moving through the 2020s, we’re likely to see double-figure growth in all segments of the online economy.

This is great news for those involved in e-commerce; there is still nothing but potential upside for individuals and businesses that want to get into retailing online. Even so, how do you design your online presence to make sure that you make the most of this opportunity?

That’s where this course comes in. You’ll learn how your customers think and how you can respond to their thought process through design so that you influence them positively to buy your products. By the end of the course, you’ll be able to design websites to sell to customers with confidence based on the latest research and best practices.

By The End of this Course You Will

  • Be able to explain how the unconscious and subconscious mind work and how they cooperate with the conscious mind to influence your customers
  • Be able to explain how emotions influence our actions and how this may help you win more business
  • Be able to use social validation to increase your ability to win business online
  • Be able to explain the universal rules of communication and marketing
  • Be able to describe and utilize the components of web design that sell
  • Be able to select images that your customers like and can relate to
  • Be able to use video in your websites to increase sales
  • Be able to describe the impact of colour and how to use colour to make your designs more valuable to customers
  • Be able to offer customers choices that drive sales from your website
  • Be able to design so as to gain commitment from your customers
  • Be able to build similarity with your customers and make them afraid of losing what you have to offer
  • Be able to tell a story so as to create empathy with your customers
  • Be able to build long-term and valuable relationships with your customers
  • Understand how sociability and going viral can help your online business

Who Should Enroll?

There are no prerequisites for this course; you are not required to have any specific background to study or benefit from the lessons. However, it is likely that the audience who will benefit most from studying it will be actively involved in selling and marketing online or designing for sales and marketing websites—namely:

  • Web designers, team leaders and supervisors
  • Online marketing creators and managers
  • Content creators and managers

Working Together

The Interaction Design Foundation delivers more than just online learning experiences; we also provide you with the tools to connect with others working in your field. This offers you access to a global multi-disciplinary design community. Throughout this course—as well as every course that we offer—you will find group exercises to undertake. You should take part in these within the course group forum; this is an amazing opportunity not just to hone your skills but also to develop a larger professional network. Your ability to sell products online will improve and so will your overall career prospects. We like to think that you can learn, grow and network with the most talented designers on the planet.

Tracking Your Progress

You’ll also notice your course leaderboard as you proceed. A ranking system for those who answer the most questions correctly on the course every week, it’s a fun, no-hassle way to mark where you stand as you study. Don’t worry—there’s absolutely no pressure on you to participate in this; all the same, if you do want to top the leaderboard, all you have to do is answer the most questions in this course correctly over the course of a week.


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