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Ambitious Video Editor Wanted

If you’re a video editor who’s constantly challenging yourself to create meaningful and impressive content, we want you! The Interaction Design Foundation is looking for a highly experienced video editor to create incredible video content that entertains as much as it educates. The position is a part-time, paid position ranging from 15-40 hours per week.

You’ll be working with UX design experts and editors to craft videos that will form part of our growing catalog of UX design courses. We want our videos to engage viewers and inspire designers around the world to keep striving for their very best. Because videos like that educate better. This means you’ll need to incorporate meaningful b-roll footage that helps to explain what instructors are teaching. You’ll also need to be able to add insightful on-screen text to draw attention at the right time… and utilize any other features you can think of. 

We're a product-focused organization, which means that our courses are our baby; they can never become too perfect and we continually push our ambitions upwards

We're also the world's leading user experience (UX) community - with over 1,5 million monthly visitors - and the biggest course platform for designers on the planet. Our claim to fame includes Forbes Magazine and we teach UX and Design to organizations like IBM and British Parliament.

The position is a part-time, paid position ranging from 15-40 hours per week—some periods will be busy, others quiet. As a nonprofit, we cannot offer to pay you the highest rates out there. But we can offer you the freedom to shape your work schedule and the intangible and priceless feeling of having made an impact on the world. Believe us when we say that it can make your heart swell and your head giddy knowing that you’ve truly improved someone’s life, let alone hundreds of thousands of lives each year.

What will you be doing?
  • Edit new and existing online video courses by UX design experts—with the aim of creating videos that will make other course platforms go “why didn’t we think of that?”
  • Show your skills through the details. Find and add b-roll footage, write on-screen text for key take-aways, insert the instructors’ slides and animated slides. It’s a huge bonus if you’re able to create your own subtle and classy animations.
  • Help us make videos for an audience who truly appreciates and notices your attention to detail in every single cut, transition, audio adjustment and narrative decision. 
  • Find ways to increase the engagement of our videos—not for engagement’s sake, but to educate better.
  • Work closely with our editors, marketers, product designer and founders.
  • Be part of a team who gets energized by ever-increasing ambitions—and by doing the hard work to realize them. 
  • Be part of a team culture of learning, professional growth and excellence.
  • Add your perfectionist touch to all aspects of our videos and make all the little details come together.
  • Help us elaborate and improve our video style guide so that we keep refining our visual identity for our videos.
  • Proactively help improve our strategy and future roadmap for video production.
  • If you’re qualified and interested to do the actual shooting of videos as our video photographer, you could travel to different countries with us to shoot videos, set up lights and audio equipment.

Your background:
  • Minimum 4 years of experience as a full-time professional video editor. 
  • Solid experience in working with Adobe Premiere Pro.

You love to:
  • Create kick-ass videos, but that should go without saying :)
  • Have creative freedom, make independent judgments and live up to the responsibility that comes with that freedom.
  • Make a positive impact on the world and the lives of others. 
  • Continuously improve your skills.
  • Be self-motivated, self-disciplined and self-led. 
  • Work passionately, focused and determined. 
  • Create tangible results—every hour and every day.

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