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UX Design Mentor

Are you an experienced UX practitioner in areas such as User Research, UX Design and UI Design looking for a way to inspire and help others? Do you enjoy the glow of seeing your influence guide students time and again? Do you want to use your knowledge and experience to help others around the world to kick-start or enhance their UX careers without giving up your day job? 

Great—then, read on!

The Interaction Design Foundation (IxDF) is the biggest online design school globally. Founded in 2002, we have over 125,000 graduates and counting. We are on a mission to create the best possible content related to UX Design, and we are looking for experienced and passionate UX/UI designers to join our team of experts. 

Mentoring with the IxDF is all about imparting your career experiences and field expertise as well as inspiring new talent through your personal journey and professional experiences. It’s an opportunity to support Lifelong Learning and to connect with others who share your passion and interest in UX.

And… you can do this remotely and around your own schedule!

If you’re passionate about empowering a new generation of UXers, then we want to hear from you!

Why join the IxDF Mentorship program?

  • It’s an opportunity to meet and mentor amazing people from around the world who are just as passionate about UX as you are.

  • As a mentor, you’ll be able to leverage your mentee’s beginner’s mind, find new ways to optimize your work, and even reconnect with the passion you felt for UX in those first years.

  • You get to help guide a generation of aspiring professionals who will improve the world through the power of design.

  • You get an opportunity to join an elite community of world-class UX professionals who give back by sharing their knowledge and experience with other aspiring professionals.

  • You can get involved and function from anywhere in the world, and around your own schedule.

  • It’s a way to enhance your mentoring skills, which can be both personally rewarding as well as beneficial in your career. 

How does mentoring with the IxDF work?

  • As mentioned, the IxDF is the world’s largest online design school, offering an array of self-paced courses as well as instructor-led Bootcamps. As a mentor, you make yourself available to any of our members or students who wish to connect with an industry professional such as yourself. This may be to discuss a portfolio of projects, get career advice or guidance, or just to connect with someone for inspiration.

  • In addition to the wide range of self-paced courses on offer, the IxDF offers the following bootcamps: UX Fundamentals, User Research, UI Design and the Job Guarantee Certification. As part of our Bootcamp program, students have 2 mentor sessions built into the schedule where they will be encouraged to connect with a mentor.

  • As a mentor, the expectation is that you can make yourself available for a minimum of 4 hours a month which accommodates 4 student sessions. If you have more time available, even better! Each student session is 1 hour long, so you can make yourself as available as your schedule—and passion—allows. We do understand that time is money, so you will be paid for your time too!

  • Once you are onboarded as an IxDF mentor, you will have your own profile set up on the IxDF Mentorship platform where students will be able to connect with you to arrange your mentorship session. 


  • To succeed as an IxDF Mentor, you must have a passion for UX as well as the drive to help aspiring professionals.

  • Experience in the field of UX is essential (research, design, development, etc.), and a demonstrable track record/portfolio showcasing your previous work and skill level will be required on application. 

  • Knowledge of the latest UX tools and trends, a broad network of experts in the field and an in-depth understanding of industry best practices.

  • Be available for a minimum of 4 hours a month, though if you are unavailable during certain weeks/months, you can toggle the Availability switch off during that time.

How to join us as a UX Design Mentor

If you’re passionate about empowering a new generation of UXers, then we want to hear from you! 

Click this link to submit your application to join as as UX Mentor: 

Want to volunteer your time and talents to help others? 💙

Just donating a small part of your time and sharing your knowledge is an extraordinary gift to aspiring designers. If you wish to give back to the design community by donating your time and expertise towards students around the world who will be better for it, our Volunteer Mentor program might be perfect for you!

Click this link to submit your application to Volunteer as a UX Mentor: