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Pub. period:1994-1999
Pub. count:7
Number of co-authors:26


Number of publications with 3 favourite co-authors:

Lawrence J. Rosenblum:3
Rob King:3
Brad Colbert:2



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Jim Durbin's 3 most productive colleagues in number of publications:

Robert J. K. Jacob:57
Ken Hinckley:54
Deborah Hix:47

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Jim Durbin


Publications by Jim Durbin (bibliography)

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Hix, Deborah, II, J. Edward Swan, Gabbard, Joseph L., McGee, Mike, Durbin, Jim and King, Tony (1999): User-Centered Design and Evaluation of a Real-Time Battlefield Visualization Virtual Environment. In: VR 1999 1999. pp. 96-103. Available online

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Julier, Simon, King, Rob, Colbert, Brad, Durbin, Jim and Rosenblum, Lawrence J. (1999): The Software Architecture of a Real-Time Battlefield Visualization Virtual Environment. In: VR 1999 1999. pp. 29-. Available online

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Durbin, Jim, II, J. Edward Swan, Colbert, Brad, Crowe, John, King, Rob, King, Tony, Scannell, Christopher, Wartell, Zachary and Welsh, Terry (1998): Battlefield visualization on the responsive workbench. In: IEEE Visualization 1998 1998. pp. 463-466. Available online

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Rosenblum, Lawrence J., Durbin, Jim, Doyle, Robert, Tate, David and King, Rob (1997): Situational Awareness Using the Responsive Workbench. In IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, 17 (4) pp. 12-13. Available online

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Obeysekare, Upul, Williams, Chas, Durbin, Jim, Rosenblum, Lawrence J., Rosenberg, Robert, Grinstein, Fernando, Ramamurthi, Ravi, Landsberg, Alexandra and Sandberg, William (1996): Virtual Workbench - A Non-Immersive Virtual Environment for Visualizing and Interacting with 3D Objects for Scientific Visualization. In: IEEE Visualization 1996 1996. pp. 345-349.

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Durbin, Jim, Gossweiler, Rich and Pausch, Randy (1995): Amortizing 3D Graphics Optimization Across Multiple Frames. In: Robertson, George G. (ed.) Proceedings of the 8th annual ACM symposium on User interface and software technology November 15 - 17, 1995, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States. pp. 13-19. Available online

This paper describes a mechanism for improving rendering rates dynamically during runtime in an interactive three-dimensional graphics application. Well-known techniques such as transforming hierarchical geometry into a flat list and removing redundant graphics primitives are often performed off-line on static databases, or continuously every rendering frame. In addition, these optimizations are usually performed over the whole database. We observe that much of the database remains static for a fixed period of time, while other portions are modified continuously (e.g. the camera position), or are repeatedly modified during some finite interval (e.g. during user interaction). We have implemented a runtime optimization mechanism which is sensitive to repeated, local database changes. This mechanism employs timing strategies which optimize only when the cost of optimization will be amortized over a sufficient number of frames. Using this optimization scheme, we observe a rendering speedup of roughly 2.5 in existing applications. We discuss our initial implementation of this mechanism, the improved timing mechanisms, the issues and assumptions we made, and future improvements.

© All rights reserved Durbin et al. and/or ACM Press

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Durbin, Jim, Jacob, Robert J. K. and Hinckley, Ken (1994): Laying the Foundation for the Information Super Highway: Human-Computer Interaction Research. In ACM SIGCHI Bulletin, 26 (4) pp. 56-58.

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