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Most recent webinars:

  • Photo of Niels Floor
    Learning Experience Design: How to Create Powerful Learning Journeys
    Niels Floor, Learning Experience Design Pioneer
    Standard price: $50Member price: $5
  • Photo of Celia Hodent
    How to Design for the Human Mind: Cognitive Science for UX
    Celia Hodent, PhD, Game UX Strategist and author of The Gamer's Brain
    Standard price: $50Member price: $5
  • Photo of Pablo Stanley
    How to Create AI Images: On-Brand and Inclusive Photography
    Pablo Stanley, Designer and CEO of Musho and Lummi
    Standard price: $50Member price: $5

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Bringing Numbers to Life
The Encyclopedia of Human-Computer Interaction
Gamification at Work: Designing Engaging Business Software
The Social Design of Technical Systems: Building Technologies for Communities

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