9 reasons to join the IDF

1. Because you get 3 months of free membership

Paul-Boag has personally invited you, so you get 3 months off your first year!

2. Because Our Content is King

You shouldn’t take any risks with your design education when you want to learn and advance your career. Your course content should be evidence-based and valuable to your job. We’ve worked since 2002 on perfecting our courses, and industry experts have a lot to say about our results:

Ivy League level education in UX, Product Design or Human-Computer Interaction
Don Norman
A goldmine of information on interaction design
Don Norman
...an incredibly rich compendium filled with a wide variety of lessons and information
SAP Community Network
Top-grade educational materials by the world’s technology elite... on how to make technology more people-oriented and easy-to-use.
SAP Community Network
Paul Boag
...the oldest and largest operator in the field of UX, with well-respected tutors such as Don Norman. That specialism in UX makes a huge difference… they aren’t a ‘teach me anything’ learning platform. They are specialists with all of the associated credibility that comes with that.
Paul Boag
As someone who’s worked on quite a few 150+ page ebooks at UXPin, even I was impressed by the depth of the material and author expertise.
I found the amazing quantity and quality of available UX design courses to be almost overwhelming. The primary value membership in the Interaction Design Foundation provides is unlimited free access to over 34 top of the line, high quality courses in the UX design field.
Focusing on the interaction between human psychology and existing design trends, the IDF’s user experience courses support industry trailblazers by offering ‘future-proof’ knowledge… users can indulge from multiple ends of the design spectrum.

Our peer-reviewed, evidence-based educational materials are used by the following universities in their curricula:

MIT Cambridge Imperial Stanford Indiana

Our mission to create top-quality design education has also been featured in these fine publications:

CNET The Huffington Post MSNBC Mashable Wired TechCrunch

3. Because UX Design is a Booming Industry

Job opportunities are increasing for UX Designers like never before (an estimated 13% increase from 2010 through 2020). And UX Designer salaries are soaring—upwards of $110K in cities like San Francisco and New York.1

Job Opportunities
Job Opportunities
UX Designer Pay
UX Designer Pay

Here are some stories of designers we’ve helped find career success:

Ian R Stokol
Ian R Stokol
Maintaining a Work-Life Balance and Still Developing Continuously
Vera Dragilyova
Vera Dragilyova
Exceeding My Learning Expectations
Phillip Dodson
Phillip Dodson
Adding a UX String to My Development Bow
Dereck du Toit
Dereck du Toit
Finding Learning that Bridges the Gap Between Academia and Industry

1Bloc Job Trends Report

4. Because We Help Members Advance Their Careers

We’ve helped 75,189 members (and counting) advance their careers and raise their salaries. They use our industry-recognized course certificates to make a life-changing shift into UX design or stay ahead in their careers.

Vera Dragilyova
The course certificates I earned helped me prove my newly acquired UX design skills at my place of work. It’s an honor to be part of your organization, and I am looking forward to growing and contributing to the field, thanks to your amazing courses.
Vera Dragilyova, United States
Preeti Rana Mehalwal
I’ve just published my first UX case study in 3 months of joining the IDF and I’m so happy about it! It wouldn’t have been possible without the IDF—thank you for providing such a great platform for young designers to learn and practice UI / UX design.
Preeti Rana Mehalwal, United States
Gabriel Colombo
I originally joined the IDF to get a job in UX. Back then, I just graduated from university, and used the IDF courses to get industry-relevant skills. The courses are very high quality, and when I put my certificates on LinkedIn and my resume it helped me land a job.
Gabriel Colombo, Brazil
Clayton Whittle
My IDF membership has paid itself about 20 times after getting a pay raise based on my new skills. The education provided by the instructors, designers, and support staff at IDF is superb. I have learned so much in such a short time, and all of it has been applicable to my professional goals. Truly, a world class experience.
Clayton Whittle, South Korea
Sibylle Weber
Thank you for providing such wonderful, university-level design education! I found that IDF courses are incredibly in-depth and specialized in UX design. It’s no wonder IDF course certificates are trusted by employers.
Sibylle Weber, Germany
Phillip Dodson
The courses I’ve taken have opened many doors for my career. I wanted to say thank you! IDF is just the best thing ever. Just ever! Simply awesome!
Phillip Dodson, United States
Anu Vilvala
Your courses have been life-changing! I have embarked on a new career starting with the courses on your website. I’m grateful to have come across your foundation that will allow me to continue to build my career as a designer without having to spend a fortune and feel the stress on top of what comes with other family responsibilities.
Anu Vilvala, United States
I’m definitely enjoying the courses so far, and looking forward to learning more. The website is an incredible resource for learning UX design skills and industry best practices. Big thanks for creating such a treasure trove of courses.
Angela, United Kingdom
Dereck du Toit
I am recommending membership for IDF to everyone in this space—and everyone buys in because it’s so incredibly industry-relevant.
Dereck du Toit, South Africa
Nadeem Khan
IDF is the right place for you if you’re in search for the perfect balance between academic rigor and practical relevance… Sometimes you need more than learning. You need someone to believe in you, because motivation is more important than knowledge. Motivation is what pushes you to learn. Interaction Design Foundation is all about that.
Nadeem Khan, India
Fernando Martinez Carreon
You are a great team of human, cognitive and pedagogy centered professionals. I’m really glad that I’ve become a member and have all of these tons of information for self-paced learning!
Fernando Martinez Carreon, Mexico
Gisele Le Chevallier
For a while I had been looking for online interaction design courses and I am really happy I found you guys. You’re doing a great job!
Gisele Le Chevallier, Norway
Thiago Franco
I became a member of the Foundation to learn specifically about dashboards and to improve my English language skills. But I had a great surprise when I found that I could learn so much more! I always thought that online courses had a very limited grasp in learning, but the way that all the content was structured showed me that it is possible to build really good stuff in this format!
Thiago Franco, Brazil
Darren Hood
Interaction Design Foundation offers a fantastic catalog of UX courses. Members can take unlimited courses for free!
Darren Hood, United States
Deepak Choudhary
What a great lesson by Frank Spillers on Mobile UX Design at Interaction Design Foundation!!
Deepak Choudhary, India
Samrat Mukherjee
I will definitely refer my friends to join the Interaction Design Foundation. ‘Innovative’ and ‘Informative’ are the two terms that describe the Interaction Design Foundation.
Samrat Mukherjee, India
Erik Verhaar
My first impression of the site: brilliant design, almost perfect UX. I felt at home immediately!
Erik Verhaar, Belgium

Want to hear more from our members? Read in-depth reviews that our members have written over the years.

5. Because IDF Course Certificates Are Industry-Recognized

Our Course Certificates will improve your career because they’re trusted by industry. We’ve earned our recognition by working hard since 2002 to create the world’s best design education. Unlike other platforms, we specialize in teaching design.

IDF certificate

These industry leaders train their teams in UX design with IDF’s Company Membership.

IBM, HP, Adobe, GE, Accenture, Allianz, Phillips, Deezer, Capgemin, Mcafee, SAP, Telenor, Cigna, British Parliment, State of New York

You can easily add IDF Course Certificates to your LinkedIn profile and résumé in order to showcase your skills:

Add IDF Certificate to Linkedin

6. Because We Cover the Full Spectrum of UX Design

UX design is a multidisciplinary field. Thankfully, we’ve got more than 20 courses covering a wide range of topics (psychology, usability, interaction design, etc.). Your journey to become a great designer is a continuous one, not the result of a 10-week crash course.

User Experience Design
Design Thinking
Human-Computer Interaction
User Research
UI Design
UX Management
Emotional Design
Mobile UX Design
Interaction Design
Gestalt Psychology
Information Visualization

The best part? You pay a flat membership fee—no matter how many courses you take!

Cost per course Courses learnt 5 10 15 20 25 30 $31/course $16 $10 $8 $6 $5/course

7. Because We’re Good for Business

The return on investment in good UX is undeniably huge. Companies that invest in great design outperformed the S&P 500 Index by 228% between 2004 and 2014.2

10-Year Stock Price Growth

That’s even before considering the internal cost savings that come with greater productivity, reduced redundancy in workflows, lowered development and maintenance costs, and many more.
2Design Management Institute

8. Because Our Price and Quality Are Unbeatable

As a nonprofit design education movement, our whole mission is to lower the price of top-quality design education. We’ve worked over the past 17 years to lower our prices—while increasing the quality and quantity of our membership benefits. That’s how we offer industry-leading education at unbeatable prices.

Course features Coursera Udemy Cooper General Assembly
Number of available courses 30 7 65 4 1
Price per course $6 $39 $99-299 $2,000 $11,500
Industry recognition Depends on course
Credible course certificates
Peer-reviewed content
Online global community
Optional meetings in your city
Both beginner and advanced courses

9. Because your membership pays for itself

Get exclusive discounts from the best UI/UX design tools when you join the IDF. Save more than $680 on these tools—this way, your IDF membership practically pays for itself.

product partner logos

...and many more

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