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Pub. period:1993-2007
Pub. count:9
Number of co-authors:18


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Simon Giesecke:
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Martin Smits:17
Willem-Jan van den..:16
Kuldeep Kumar:15

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Wilhelm Hasselbring


Publications by Wilhelm Hasselbring (bibliography)

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Rohr, Matthias, Giesecke, Simon and Hasselbring, Wilhelm (2007): Timing behavior anomaly detection in enterprise information systems. In: Cardoso, Jorge, Cordeiro, Jos and Filipe, Joaquim (eds.) ICEIS 2007 - Proceedings of the Ninth International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems Volume DISI June 12-16, 2007, Funchal, Portugal. pp. 494-497.

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Hasselbring, Wilhelm and Reussner, Ralf (2006): Toward Trustworthy Software Systems. In IEEE Computer, 39 (4) pp. 91-92. Available online

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Hasselbring, Wilhelm, Rohr, Matthias, Taeger, Jrgen and Winteler, Daniel (2006): Liability risks in reusing third-party software. In Communications of the ACM, 49 (12) p. 144. Available online

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Heuvel, Willem-Jan van den, Hillegersberg, Jos van, Hasselbring, Wilhelm and Kumar, Kuldeep (2001): Enterprise Application Integration - Minitrack Introduction. In: HICSS 2001 2001. . Available online

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Spanjers, Ronald, Hasselbring, Wilhelm, Peterson, Ryan and Smits, Martin (2001): Exploring ICT Enabled Networking in Hospital Organizations. In: HICSS 2001 2001. . Available online

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Grimson, Jane, Grimson, William and Hasselbring, Wilhelm (2000): The SI Challenge in Health Care. In Communications of the ACM, 43 (6) pp. 48-55. Available online

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Hasselbring, Wilhelm (2000): Information System Integration: Introduction. In Communications of the ACM, 43 (6) pp. 32-38. Available online

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Hasselbring, Wilhelm (1999): On Defining Computer Science Terminology. In Communications of the ACM, 42 (2) pp. 88-91. Available online

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Franke, Wolfgang, Gutenbeil, Ulrich, Hasselbring, Wilhelm, Pahl, Claus, Sobottka, Hans-Gerald and Sucrow, Bettina (1993): Prototyping mit Mengen - der PROSET - Ansatz. In: Zllighoven, Heinz, Altmann, Werner and Doberkat, Ernst-Erich (eds.) Requirements Engineering 93 Prototyping, Gemeinsame Fachtagung des Fachausschusses 4.3 Requirements Engineering der Gesellschaft fr Informatik GI und des Verbunds Software-Technik NRW in Kooperation mit dem German Chapter of the ACM und dem Fachausschu 1993. pp. 165-174.

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