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Trond Nilsen


Publications by Trond Nilsen (bibliography)

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Nathan, Lisa P., Lake, Milli, Grey, Nell Carden, Nilsen, Trond, Utter, Robert F., Utter, Elizabeth J., Ring, Mark, Kahn, Zoe and Friedman, Batya (2011): Multi-lifespan information system design: investigating a new design approach in Rwanda. In: Proceedings of the 2011 iConference 2011. pp. 591-597. http://dx.doi.org/10.1145/1940761.1940841

In this paper we report on our research and design efforts to provide Rwandans with access to and reuse of video interviews discussing the failures and successes of the United Nations International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (UN-ICTR). We describe our general approach and report on three case studies with diverse sectors of Rwandan society: governmental information centres, youth clubs, and a grassroots organization working with victims of sexual violence. Our work includes the development and application of five indicators to assess the success and limitations of our approach: diverse stakeholders; diverse uses; on-going use; cultural, linguistic and geographic reach; and Rwandan initiative. This work makes three important contributions: first, it offers the information field a design approach for use in post-conflict situations; second, it provides near-term evaluation indicators as an initial set others can build from and extend; third, it describes the first empirical explorations of the multi-lifespan information system design research approach.

© All rights reserved Nathan et al. and/or ACM Press

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Magerkurth, Carsten, Cheok, Adrian David, Mandryk, Regan L. and Nilsen, Trond (2005): Pervasive games: bringing computer entertainment back to the real world. In Computers in Entertainment, 3 (3) p. 4. http://doi.acm.org/10.1145/1077246.1077257

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Buchmann, Volkert, Nilsen, Trond and Billinghurst, Mark (2005): Interaction With Partially Transparent Hands And Objects. In: Billinghurst, Mark and Cockburn, Andy (eds.) AUIC 2005 - User Interfaces 2005 - Sixth Australasian User Interface Conference January-February, 2005, Newcastle, NSW, Australia. pp. 17-20. http://crpit.com/confpapers/CRPITV40Buchmann.pdf

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