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Thomas Springer


Publications by Thomas Springer (bibliography)

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Heinrich, Matthias, Lehmann, Franz, Springer, Thomas and Gaedke, Martin (2012): Exploiting single-user web applications for shared editing: a generic transformation approach. In: Proceedings of the 2012 International Conference on the World Wide Web 2012. pp. 1057-1066.

In the light of the Web 2.0 movement, web-based collaboration tools such as Google Docs have become mainstream and in the meantime serve millions of users. Apart from established collaborative web applications, numerous web editors lack multi-user support even though they are suitable for collaborative work. Enhancing these single-user editors with shared editing capabilities is a costly endeavor since the implementation of a collaboration infrastructure (accommodating conflict resolution, document synchronization, etc.) is required. In this paper, we present a generic transformation approach capable of converting single-user web editors into multi-user editors. Since our approach only requires the configuration of a generic collaboration infrastructure (GCI), the effort to inject shared editing support is significantly reduced in contrast to conventional implementation approaches neglecting reuse. We also report on experimental results of a user study showing that converted editors meet user requirements with respect to software and collaboration qualities. Moreover, we define the characteristics that editors must adhere to in order to leverage the GCI.

© All rights reserved Heinrich et al. and/or ACM Press

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Janeiro, Jordan, Barbosa, Simone D. J., Springer, Thomas and Schill, Alexander (2010): A flexible model for improving the reuse of user interface design patterns. In: ACM 28th International Conference on Design of Communication 2010. pp. 215-221.

Despite being a set of proven, well-documented, contextualized recommendations for solving frequently occurring user interface design problems, user interface design patterns are still not widely used. We believe this is due to the lack of tools to help designers find patterns and identify how they can be combined to solve user interface design problems. This paper proposes a flexible model to represent UIDPs and their relationships. The flexibility of our model, based on RDF Statements, is to provide a structure to the representation of the UIDPs in order to allow the development of tools to automate their use.

© All rights reserved Janeiro et al. and/or ACM Press

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Turhan, Anni-Yasmin, Springer, Thomas and Berger, Michael (2006): Pushing Doors for Modeling Contexts with OWL DL a Case Study. In: PerCom 2006 - 4th IEEE Conference on Pervasive Computing and Communications Workshops 13-17 March, 2006, Pisa, Italy. pp. 13-17.

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Schill, Alexander, Kmmel, Sascha, Springer, Thomas and Ziegert, Thomas (1999): Two approaches for an adaptive multimedia transfer service for mobile environments. In Computers & Graphics, 23 (6) pp. 849-856.

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