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Sangwon Choi


Publications by Sangwon Choi (bibliography)

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Choi, Sangwon, Han, Jaehyun, Lee, Geehyuk, Lee, Narae and Lee, Woohun (2011): RemoteTouch: touch-screen-like interaction in the tv viewing environment. In: Proceedings of ACM CHI 2011 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems 2011. pp. 393-402. http://dx.doi.org/10.1145/1978942.1978999

We explored the possibility of touch-screen-like interaction with a remote control in the TV-viewing environment. A shadow representing the user's thumb touches the screen, presses a button, flicks a cover-flow list, and draws a simple stroke, while the thumb stays and moves on and above the touchpad. In order to implement the concept we developed an optical touchpad for tracking the thumb hovering over its surface, and designed a TV application to demonstrate possible new interaction styles. Throughout two iterations of prototyping, we corrected some of our false expectations, and also verified its potential as a viable option for a TV remote control. This paper presents technical issues and requirements for the hover-tracking touchpad and a complete report of our user studies to explore touch-screen-like interaction for the TV.

© All rights reserved Choi et al. and/or their publisher

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Heo, Seongkook, Han, Jaehyun, Choi, Sangwon, Lee, Seunghwan, Lee, Geehyuk, Lee, Hyong-Euk, Kim, SangHyun, Bang, Won-Chul, Kim, DoKyoon and Kim, Changyeong (2011): IrCube tracker: an optical 6-DOF tracker based on LED directivity. In: Proceedings of the 2011 ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology 2011. pp. 577-586. http://dx.doi.org/10.1145/2047196.2047272

Six-degrees-of-freedom (6-DOF) trackers, which were mainly for professional computer applications, are now in demand by everyday consumer applications. With the requirements of consumer electronics in mind, we designed an optical 6-DOF tracker where a few photo-sensors can track the position and orientation of an LED cluster. The operating principle of the tracker is basically source localization by solving an inverse problem. We implemented a prototype system for a TV viewing environment, verified the feasibility of the operating principle, and evaluated the basic performance of the prototype system in terms of accuracy and speed. We also examined its application possibility to different environments, such as a tabletop computer, a tablet computer, and a mobile spatial interaction environment.

© All rights reserved Heo et al. and/or ACM Press

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Choi, Sangwon, Han, Jaehyun, Kim, Sunjun, Heo, Seongkook and Lee, Geehyuk (2011): ThickPad: a hover-tracking touchpad for a laptop. In: Proceedings of the 2011 ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology 2011. pp. 15-16. http://dx.doi.org/10.1145/2046396.2046405

We explored the use of a hover tracking touchpad in a laptop environment. In order to study the new experience, we implemented a prototype touchpad consisting of infrared LEDs and photo-transistors, which can track fingers as far as 10mm over the surface. We demonstrate here three major interaction techniques that would become possible when a hover-tracking touchpad meets a laptop.

© All rights reserved Choi et al. and/or ACM Press

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