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Norman Badler

Has also published under the name of:
"Norm Badler"


Publications by Norman Badler (bibliography)

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Kokkevis, Evangelos, Metaxas, Dimitri and Badler, Norman (1995): Autonomous animation and control of four--Legged animals. In: Graphics Interface 95 May 17-19, 1995, Quebec, Quebec, Canada. pp. 10-17.

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Nayar, Narinder, Badler, Norman, Carrier, Robert, Chaffin, Don, Liu, Yili, Duncan, Jerry, Nelson, Cynthia, Obergefell, Louise, Smith, Barry and Roebuck, John A. (1995): State of the Art and Current Activities in Human Modelling Technology. In: Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society 39th Annual Meeting 1995. pp. 516-518.

Computer-based human modelling technology has been in existence since the early 1980s. However, most earlier human models were either hard to use or lacked appealing graphics. With rapid developments in 3D computer graphics, it is now possible to interactively manipulate and analyze human models in a virtual environment. This coupled with growing user interest has spurred rapid development and use of human modelling and simulation.

© All rights reserved Nayar et al. and/or Human Factors Society

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Ko, Hyeongseok and Badler, Norman (1993): Straight line walking animation based on kinematic generalization that preserves the original characteristics. In: Graphics Interface 93 May 19-21, 1993, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. pp. 9-16.

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Esakov, Jeffrey, Badler, Norman and Jung, Moon (1989): An investigation of language input and performance timing for task animation. In: Graphics Interface 89 June 19-23, 1989, London, Ontario, Canada. pp. 86-93.

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Phillips, Cary B. and Badler, Norman (1988): Jack: A Toolkit for Manipulating Articulated Figures. In: Green, Mark (ed.) Proceedings of the 1st annual ACM SIGGRAPH symposium on User Interface Software October 17 - 19, 1988, Alberta, Canada. pp. 221-229.

The problem of positioning and manipulating three dimensional articulated figures is often handled by ad hoc techniques which are cumbersome to use. In this paper, we describe a system which provides a consistent and flexible user interface to a complex representation for articulated figures in a 3D environment. Jack is a toolkit of routines for displaying and manipulating complex geometric figures, and it provides a method of interactively manipulating arbitrary homogeneous transformations with a mouse. These transformations may specify the position and orientation of figures within a scene or the joint transformations within the figures themselves. Jack combines this method of 3D input with a flexible and informative screen management facility to provide a user-friendly interface for manipulating three dimensional objects.

© All rights reserved Phillips and Badler and/or ACM Press

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Badler, Norman (1986): Animating human figures: Perspectives and directions. In: Graphics Interface 86 May 26-30, 1986, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. pp. 115-120.

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Badler, Norman (1984): What is required for effective human figure animation. In: Graphics Interface 84 May 28 - June 1, 1984, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. p. 119.

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DeFanti, Tom, McCormick, Bruce H., Pollack, Bary W., Badler, Norman and Chasen, S. H. (eds.) Proceedings of the 6th annual conference on Computer graphics and interactive techniques August 08 - 10, 1979, Chicago, Illinois, United States.

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