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Mei C. Chuah


Publications by Mei C. Chuah (bibliography)

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Chuah, Mei C. and Roth, Steven F. (2003): Visualizing Common Ground. In: Banissi, Ebad, Borner, Katy, Chen, Chaomei, Clapworthy, Gordon, Maple, Carsten, Lobben, Amy, Moore, Christopher J., Roberts, Jonathan C., Ursyn, Anna and Zhang, Jian (eds.) IV 2003 - Seventh International Conference on Information Visualization 16-18 July, 2003, London, UK. pp. 365-372.

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Chuah, Mei C. (2002): Demystifying Venture Capital Investing. In: InfoVis 2002 - 2002 IEEE Symposium on Information Visualization 27 October - 1 November, 2002, Boston, MA, USA. pp. 161-164.

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Chuah, Mei C. (1998): Dynamic Aggregation with Circular Visual Designs. In: InfoVis 1998 - IEEE Symposium on Information Visualization 19-20 October, 1998, Research Triangle Park, NC, USA. pp. 35-43.

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Chuah, Mei C. and Eick, Stephen G. (1998): Information Rich Glyphs for Software Management Data. In IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, 18 (4) pp. 24-29.

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Roth, Steven F., Chuah, Mei C., Kerpedjiev, Stephan, Kolojejchick, John and Lucas, Peter (1997): Toward an Information Visualization Workspace: Combining Multiple Means of Expression. In Human-Computer Interaction, 12 (1) pp. 131-185.

New user interface challenges are arising because people need to explore and perform many diverse tasks involving large quantities of abstract information. Visualizing information is one approach to these challenges. But visualization must involve much more than just enabling people to "see" information. People must also manipulate it to focus on what is relevant and reorganize it to create new information. They must also communicate and share information in collaborative settings and act directly to perform their tasks based on this information. These goals suggest the need for information visualization workspaces with new interaction approaches. We present several systems -- Visage, SAGE, and selective dynamic manipulation (SDM) -- that comprise such a workspace and a suite of user interface techniques for creating and manipulating integrative visualizations. Our work in this area revealed the need for interfaces that enable people to communicate with systems in multiple complementary ways. We discuss four dimensions for analyzing user interfaces that reveal the combination of design approaches needed for visualizations to support information analysis tasks effectively. We discuss the results of our attempts to provide multiple forms of expression using direct manipulation and propose areas where multimodal techniques are likely to be more effective.

© All rights reserved Roth et al. and/or Taylor and Francis

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Chuah, Mei C. and Eick, Stephen G. (1997): Managing Software with New Visual Representations. In: InfoVis 1997 - IEEE Symposium on Information Visualization October 18-25, 1997, Phoenix, AZ, USA. pp. 30-37.

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Chuah, Mei C., Roth, Steven F., Kolojejchick, John, Mattis, Joe and Juare, Octavio (1995): SageBook: Searching Data-Graphics by Content. In: Katz, Irvin R., Mack, Robert L., Marks, Linn, Rosson, Mary Beth and Nielsen, Jakob (eds.) Proceedings of the ACM CHI 95 Human Factors in Computing Systems Conference May 7-11, 1995, Denver, Colorado. pp. 338-345.

Currently, there are many hypertext-like tools and database retrieval systems that use keyword search as a means of navigation. While useful for certain tasks, keyword search is insufficient for browsing databases of data-graphics. SageBook is a system that searches among existing data-graphics, so that they can be reused with new data. In order to fulfill the needs of retrieval and reuse, it provides: 1) a direct manipulation, graphical query interface; 2) a content description language that can express important relationships for retrieving data-graphics; 3) automatic description of stored data-graphics based on their content; 4) search techniques sensitive to the structure and similarity among data-graphics; 5) manual and automatic adaptation tools for altering data-graphics so that they can be reused with new data.

© All rights reserved Chuah et al. and/or ACM Press

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Chuah, Mei C., Roth, Steven F., Mattis, Joe and Kolojejchick, John (1995): SDM: Selective Dynamic Manipulation of Visualizations. In: Robertson, George G. (ed.) Proceedings of the 8th annual ACM symposium on User interface and software technology November 15 - 17, 1995, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States. pp. 61-70.

In this paper we present a new set of interactive techniques for 2D an 3D visualizations. This set of techniques is called SDM (Selective Dynamic Manipulation). Selective, indicating our goal for providing a high degree of user control in selecting an object set, in selecting interactive techniques and the properties they affect, and in the degree to which a user action affects the visualization. Dynamic, indicating that the interactions all occur in real-time and that interactive animation is used to provide better contextual information to users in response to an action or operation. Manipulation, indicating the types of interactions we provide, where users can directly move objects and transform their appearance to perform different tasks. While many other approaches only provide interactive techniques in isolation, SDM supports a suite of techniques which users can combine to solve a wide variety of problems.

© All rights reserved Chuah et al. and/or ACM Press

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Chuah, Mei C., Roth, Steven F., Mattis, Joe and Kolojejchick, John (1995): SDM: malleable information graphics. In: Gershon, Nahum D. and Eick, Stephen G. (eds.) InfoVis 1995 - IEEE Symposium On Information Visualization 30-31 October, 1995, Atlanta, Georgia, USA. pp. 36-42.

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