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Maneesh Agrawala:36
Bernd Frohlich:26
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Martin Fischer


Publications by Martin Fischer (bibliography)

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Garcia, Ana Cristina Bicharra, Kunz, John and Fischer, Martin (2004): Cutting to the chase: improving meeting effectiveness by focusing on the agenda. In: Proceedings of ACM CSCW04 Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work 2004. pp. 346-349.

We propose an agenda planning technique with a built-in incentive mechanism, based on the VCG (Vickrey-Clarke-Groves) method from game theory, to help project managers in the engineering construction industry create a more effective agenda. Preliminary results have shown an improvement in both instrumented and perceived meeting quality.

© All rights reserved Garcia et al. and/or ACM Press

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Fischer, Martin, Attwell, Graham, Brown, Alan and Owen, Martin (1999): The Development of an Experience-based Documentation System for Maintenance Workers in Germany. In: HICSS 1999 1999. .

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McKinney, Kathleen, Fischer, Martin and Kunz, John (1998): Visualization of Construction Planning Information. In: Marks, Joe (ed.) International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces 1998 January 6-9, 1998, San Francisco, California, USA. pp. 135-138.

Visualizing a construction schedule helps planners to identify potential construction problems prior to actual building construction. Planners must envision the sequence of construction, the workspace logistics, and utilization of resources and equipment in space and over time. This paper discusses methods of generating, visualizing, and evaluating construction planning information with CAD based tools. We use a construction example to illustrate how feature extraction of 3D CAD models can help identify construction problems and evaluate the quality of a construction plan through 4D analysis and 4D annotation.

© All rights reserved McKinney et al. and/or ACM Press

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Frohlich, Bernd, Fischer, Martin, Agrawala, Maneesh, Beers, Andrew C. and Hanrahan, Pat (1997): Collaborative Production Modeling and Planning. In IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, 17 (4) pp. 13-15.

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Fellner, Dieter W. and Fischer, Martin (1996): Computer graphics interface (CGI): a good concept and a valuable tool for research and teaching in computer graphics. In Computers & Graphics, 20 (2) pp. 341-346.

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