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Joe Marks:14
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Mark Friedell


Publications by Mark Friedell (bibliography)

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Dengler, Edmund, Friedell, Mark and Marks, Joe (1993): Constraint-Driven Diagram Layout. In: Proceedings of the 1993 IEEE Workshop on Visual Languages August 24-27, 1993, Bergen, Norway. pp. 330-335.

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Kochhar, Sandeep, Marks, Joe and Friedell, Mark (1991): Interaction paradigms for human--computer cooperation in graphical--object modeling. In: Graphics Interface 91 June 3-7, 1991, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. pp. 180-191.

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Kochhar, Sandeep, Friedell, Mark and LaPolla, Mark Vincent (1991): Cooperative, Computer-Aided Design of Scientific Visualizations. In: IEEE Visualization 1991 1991. pp. 306-313.

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Kockhar, Sandeep and Friedell, Mark (1990): User Control in Cooperative Computer-Aided Design. In: Hudson, Scott E. (ed.) Proceedings of the 3rd annual ACM SIGGRAPH symposium on User interface software and technology October 03 - 05, 1990, Snowbird, Utah, United States. pp. 143-151.

We address one of the major problems in design automation systems based on the state-space search paradigm -- that of combinatorial explosion when design rules are applied in an uncontrolled, undirected manner. Our main hypothesis is that it is both necessary and desirable for the user to control in several ways the automatic generation of designs. Cooperative computer-aided design (CCAD) is an interaction paradigm for design automation that serves as a framework for applying techniques that abate the growth in number of automatically generated design alternatives. We describe in detail specific mechanisms providing user control over the generative phases of CCAD, and we demonstrate these techniques in the context of FLATS -- a prototype CCAD system for the design of small architectural floor plans.

© All rights reserved Kockhar and Friedell and/or ACM Press

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Marks, Joseph, Walsh, Robert, Christensen, Jon and Friedell, Mark (1990): Image and intervisibility coherence in rendering. In: Graphics Interface 90 May 14-18, 1990, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. pp. 17-30.

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Friedell, Mark and Kochhar, Sandeep (1990): Toward reliable polygon set operations. In: Graphics Interface 90 May 14-18, 1990, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. pp. 167-174.

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Friedell, Mark, Barnett, Jane and Kramlich, David (1982): A graphics interface to large shared databases: A summary paper. In: Graphics Interface 82 May 17-21, 1982, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. pp. 271-274.

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