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Lyn Pemberton


Publications by Lyn Pemberton (bibliography)

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Joly, Ana Vitoria, Pemberton, Lyn and Griffiths, Richard (2009): Card sorting activities with preschool children. In: Proceedings of the HCI09 Conference on People and Computers XXIII 2009. pp. 204-213.

Preschoolers' categorization differs from adults'; therefore it is beneficial to involve them in the design process to create appropriate information architecture for this age group. In this paper, we describe three card sorting activities conducted with a total of fifty six preschool children in five nurseries. We conclude that a closed card sorting task can be combined with a match-to-sample activity to offer insight into children's categorization knowledge, contributing significantly to the design of technology for young children.

© All rights reserved Joly et al. and/or their publisher

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Joly, Ana Vitoria, Pemberton, Lyn and Griffiths, Richard N. (2008): Electronic Programme Guide Design for Preschool Children. In: Tscheligi, Manfred, Obrist, Marianna and Lugmayr, Artur (eds.) 6th European Conference - EuroITV 2008 July 3-4, 2008, Salzburg, Austria. pp. 263-267.

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Pemberton, Lyn, Fallahkhair, Sanaz and Masthoff, Judith (2005): Learner Centred Development of a Mobile and iTV Language Learning Support System. In Educational Technology & Society, 8 (4) pp. 52-63.

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Andone, Diana, Boyne, Chris, Dron, Jon and Pemberton, Lyn (2005): What Is It to Be a Digital Student in a British University?. In: ICALT 2005 - Proceedings of the 5th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies 05-08 July, 2005, Kaohsiung, Taiwan. pp. 925-927.

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Fallahkhair, Sanaz, Pemberton, Lyn and Masthoff, Judith (2004): A Dual Device Scenario for Informal Language Learning: Interactive Television Meets the Mobile Phone. In: Looi, Chee-Kit, Sutinen, Erkki, Sampson, Demetrios G., Aedo, Ignacio, Uden, Lorna and Khkonen, Esko (eds.) ICALT 2004 - Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies 30 August - 1 September, 2004, Joensuu, Finland. .

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Pemberton, Lyn and Goodlet, James S. (1992): Practical Experiences of Using a Hypertext Design Tool. In: East-West International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction: Proceedings of the EWHCI92 1992. pp. 103-114.

This paper describes the experience of using a hypertext design tool, SussexIBIS, in the early design stages of a software production project. In the first section we give a brief description of SussexIBIS and the context in which it was developed, while the main section of the paper shows the tool in use during a reconstructed work session. Finally, we set out the deficiencies of the tool and suggest modifications which would bring it closer to our original ideal specification.

© All rights reserved Pemberton and Goodlet and/or Intl. Centre for Scientific And Technical Information

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