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Pub. period:1992-1996
Pub. count:5
Number of co-authors:10


Number of publications with 3 favourite co-authors:

Lichan Hong:
Hanspeter Pfister:
Claudio T. Silva:



Productive colleagues

Lisa M. Sobierajski's 3 most productive colleagues in number of publications:

Arie E. Kaufman:87
Hanspeter Pfister:29
Claudio T. Silva:24

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Lisa M. Sobierajski


Publications by Lisa M. Sobierajski (bibliography)

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Avila, Ricardo S. and Sobierajski, Lisa M. (1996): A Haptic Interaction Method for Volume Visualization. In: IEEE Visualization 1996 1996. pp. 197-204.

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Sobierajski, Lisa M. and Avila, Ricardo S. (1995): A Hardware Acceleration Method for Volumetric Ray Tracing. In: IEEE Visualization 1995 1995. pp. 27-.

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Avila, Ricardo S., He, Taosong, Hong, Lichan, Kaufman, Arie E., Pfister, Hanspeter, Silva, Claudio T., Sobierajski, Lisa M. and Wang, Sidney W. (1994): VolVis: A Diversified Volume Visualization System. In: Bergeron, R. Daniel and Kaufman, Arie E. (eds.) VIS 1994 - Proceedings IEEE Visualization 1994 October 17-21, 1994, Washington, DC, USA. pp. 31-38.

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Sobierajski, Lisa M., Cohen, Daniel, Kaufman, Arie E., Yagel, Roni and Acker, David E. (1993): A fast display method for volumetric data. In The Visual Computer, 10 (2) pp. 116-124. http://

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Avila, Ricardo S., Sobierajski, Lisa M. and Kaufman, Arie E. (1992): Towards a Comprehensive Volume Visualization System. In: Kaufman, Arie E. and Nielson, Gregory M. (eds.) Proceedings IEEE Visualization 92 1992. pp. 13-20.

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