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Lars Hult


Picture of Lars Hult.
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Current place of employment:
SICS East Swedish ICT AB

Lars Hult is a business innovation manager, interaction designer and researcher at SICS East in Sweden. Main areas of expertise include product and service development, especially design processes, user studies, and work with use-qualities. He is an experienced educator within UX-methodology and has long term experience in application of scientific knowledge in practical settings. He also works with implementation of interaction design as a strategic competence in business development. Lars has long time experience from the Swedish telecom and consultancy sector and is now involved as business innovator in developing a new innovative consultancy company that provides high quality services within the area of User Experience. The consultancy company is working mostly in the area of e-health and government e-services. Lars has developed a well rewarded eclectic methodology framework for effective practical work with User Experience activities for both consumer products and e-services. The service offerings within the company is also built around this flexible framework.


Publications by Lars Hult (bibliography)

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Hult, Lars, Irestig, Magnus and Lundberg, Jonas (2006): Design Perspectives. In Human-Computer Interaction, 21 (1) pp. 5-48. http://www.leaonline.com/doi/abs/10.1207/s15327051hci2101_2

In this article we argue that a structured use of perspective descriptions can support a design process. A design perspective is a coherent set of values and aspects emphasized by the designer in a given design situation. We present a generic framework for describing 7 dimensions of perspectives concerning user, artifact, context, activities, communication, central relations, and use qualities that we argue are relevant in a design situation. Subsequently we use this metaperspective to describe four perspectives: tool, architectural, usability, and media perspective distilled from literature sources. By conducting two design workshops, we have evaluated the effects of using perspective descriptions to address the problem of idea generation in the early phases of design. Our analysis shows that the perspectives contain values that can have an important impact on the resulting artifact. By guiding the exploration of the design space, they influence both the artifact's conceptual idea and its use qualities. In our design example, a car game, the conceptual idea of the artifact varied from a goal-oriented tool to a media-based communication experience. Use qualities varied from a task-based flow of action to a format-dependent communication experience. The perspectives served as a synthesis of basic assumptions from the literature and as support to generate conceptually different design ideas. Based on the outcome of our study, we propose an approach for working with design perspectives in design practice, and education. We also present an agenda for research on design perspectives.

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