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Katie Shilton


Publications by Katie Shilton (bibliography)

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Shilton, Katie (2011): Building values into the design of pervasive mobile technologies. In: Proceedings of the 2011 iConference 2011. pp. 834-835.

This poster presents findings from an ethnographic investigation into the design of pervasive data collection and sensing systems. The findings about engineering laboratory and design culture suggest practices to prevent surveillance and encourage social values as a critical component of technology design.

© All rights reserved Shilton and/or ACM Press

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Reddy, Sasank, Shilton, Katie, Denisov, Gleb, Cenizal, Christian, Estrin, Deborah and Srivastava, Mani (2010): Biketastic: sensing and mapping for better biking. In: Proceedings of ACM CHI 2010 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems 2010. pp. 1817-1820.

Bicycling is an affordable, environmentally friendly alternative transportation mode to motorized travel. A common task performed by bikers is to find good routes in an area, where the quality of a route is based on safety, efficiency, and enjoyment. Finding routes involves trial and error as well as exchanging information between members of a bike community. Biketastic is a platform that enriches this experimentation and route sharing process making it both easier and more effective. Using a mobile phone application and online map visualization, bikers are able to document and share routes, ride statistics, sensed information to infer route roughness and noisiness, and media that documents ride experience. Biketastic was designed to ensure the link between information gathering, visualization, and bicycling practices. In this paper, we present architecture and algorithms for route data inferences and visualization. We evaluate the system based on feedback from bicyclists provided during a two-week pilot.

© All rights reserved Reddy et al. and/or their publisher

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Reddy, Sasank, Shilton, Katie, Burke, Jeff, Estrin, Deborah, Hansen, Mark H. and Srivastava, Mani B. (2009): Using Context Annotated Mobility Profiles to Recruit Data Collectors in Participatory Sensing. In: Choudhury, Tanzeem, Quigley, Aaron J., Strang, Thomas and Suginuma, Koji (eds.) Location and Context Awareness - Fourth International Symposium - LoCA 2009 May 7-8, 2009, Tokyo, Japan. pp. 52-69.

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Srinivasan, Ramesh and Shilton, Katie (2006): The South Asian web: an emerging community information system in the South Asian diaspora. In: Jacucci, Gianni and Kensing, Finn (eds.) PDC 2006 - Proceedings of the Ninth Conference on Participatory Design August 1-5, 2006, Trento, Italy. pp. 125-133.

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