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Javier Pereira


Publications by Javier Pereira (bibliography)

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Pereira, Javier, Cerpa, Narciso, Verner, June, Rivas, Mario and Procaccino, Drew (2008): What Do Software Practitioners Really Think About Project Success: A Cross-Cultural Comparison. In Journal of Systems and Software, 81 (6) pp. 897-907.

Due to the increasing globalization of software development we are interested to discover if there exist significant cultural differences in practitioners' definition of a successful software project. This study presents the results of a survey in which Chilean software practitioners' perceptions of project success are compared with previous research with US practitioners. Responses from both groups of practitioners indicate that there is a relationship between team-work and success; our results also indicate that there are similar perceptions related to the importance of job satisfaction and project success. However, Chilean responses suggest that if a practitioner is allowed too much freedom within the work environment, job stress results; this in turn is reflected in increasing demands for both job satisfaction and good environmental conditions. This may indicate the potential for the attribution of failure to conditions outside the team, thus preventing a search for problematic team issues and technical problems. In contrast, the data suggests peer control inside the US teams indicating a less stressful environment.

© All rights reserved Pereira et al. and/or Elsevier

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Cerpa, Narciso, Pereira, Javier and Verner, June (2007): A Practitioner Experiment in Understanding Software Process Improvement Using Systems Modular Analysis. In Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 4764 pp. 82-93.

Software process improvement (SPI) models can be difficult to understand, principally because they lack visual representations relating concepts to text. Some models do not provide guidelines to help us understand their properties: i.e., their modular structure, the control-regulation configuration of common features in a key process area, and the arrangement of key process areas at each level. We propose Systems Modular Analysis (SMA) as a graphical modelling approach to facilitate understanding of SPI models. Using SMA, we reveal the internal structure of a key process area (KPA) in CMMSW as a non-redundant configuration of common features. When the Level 2 KPAs of CMM-SW are modelled using SMA, a normative structure which shows a modular and recursive arrangement of process areas is obtained. We conduct an experiment to show how SMA helps in understanding CMM-SW. We conclude that SMA significantly improves understanding of the properties and structure of CMM-SW Level 2.

© All rights reserved Cerpa et al. and/or Springer

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Englmeier, Kurt, Pereira, Javier and Mothe, Josiane (2006): Choreography of web services based on natural language storybooks. In: Fox, Mark S. and Spencer, Bruce (eds.) Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Electronic Commerce - ICEC 2006 2006, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. pp. 132-138.

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Pereira, Javier, Cerpa, Narciso and Rivas, Mario (2004): Risk factors in software development projects: Analysis of the Chilean software industry. In: 1st Experimental Software Engineering Latin American Workshop October, 2004, Brasilia, Brazil. .

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Pereira, Javier, Cerpa, Narciso and Rivas, Mario (2004): Factores de xito en proyectos de desarrollo de software: anlisis de la industria chilena del software. In: Workshop de Ingeniera de Software November, 2004, Arica, Chile. .

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Pereira, Javier and Cerpa, Narciso (2003): Using the System Modular Analysis Approach to Represent the Level 2 of the CMM-SW. In: Proceedings of the 7th World Multiconference on Systemics, Cybernetics, and Informatics 2003, Orlando, USA. .

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