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Gnther F. Schrack:9
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Irene Gargantini


Publications by Irene Gargantini (bibliography)

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Gargantini, Irene and Atkinson, Harvey H. (1993): Ray Tracing an Octree: Numerical Evaluation of the First Interaction. In Comput. Graph. Forum, 12 (4) pp. 199-210.

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Chan, T. K., Gargantini, Irene and Walsh, T. R. S. (1989): Conversion and integration of boundary representations with octrees. In: Graphics Interface 89 June 19-23, 1989, London, Ontario, Canada. pp. 203-210.

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Gargantini, Irene, Schrack, Gnther F. and Atkinson, Harvey H. (1989): Adaptive display of linear octrees. In Computers & Graphics, 13 (3) pp. 337-343.

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Gargantini, Irene (1983): Translation, Rotation and Superposition of Linear Quadtrees. In International Journal of Man-Machine Studies, 18 (3) pp. 253-263.

In Gargantini (1982a) it has been shown that storing black nodes of a quadtree is sufficient to retrieve any basic property associated with quadtrees. To achieve this, each black node must be represented as a quaternary integer whose digits (from left to right) describe the path from the root to that node. The sorted sequence of quaternary integers representing a given region is called the linear quadtree associated with that region. Such a structure has been shown to save more than two-thirds of the memory locations used by regular quadtrees. In this paper we present procedures for translating and rotating a region and consider the superposition of binary images with different characteristics (such as different resolution parameter, different pixel size and/or different center). Translation, rotation, and superposition are shown to be O(N log N) operations; for translation N is the number of black pixels; for rotation N is the number of black nodes; for superposition N is the sum of black nodes or black pixels of the two images, depending on whether or not the two regions are centered on the same raster.

© All rights reserved Gargantini and/or Academic Press

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Gargantini, Irene and Tabakman, Zale (1982): Linear quad-- and oct--trees: Their use in generating simple algorithms for image processing. In: Graphics Interface 82 May 17-21, 1982, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. pp. 123-127.

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Gargantini, Irene (1982): An Effective Way to Represent Quadtrees. In Communications of the ACM, 25 (12) pp. 905-910.

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Gargantini, Irene (1966): On the application of the process of equalization of maxima to obtain rational approximation to certain modified Bessel functions. In Communications of the ACM, 9 (12) pp. 859-863.

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