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Pub. period:1995-2006
Pub. count:4
Number of co-authors:7


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Ian MacInnes:
John Nouwens:
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Elisabeth van de K..:7
Ian MacInnes:4
Carleen F. Maitlan..:4

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Harry Bouwman


Publications by Harry Bouwman (bibliography)

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Bouwman, Harry and MacInnes, Ian (2006): Dynamic Business Model Framework for Value Webs. In: HICSS 2006 - 39th Hawaii International International Conference on Systems Science 4-7 January, 2006, Kauai, HI, USA. .

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Haaker, Timber, Faber, Edward and Bouwman, Harry (2004): Balancing strategic interests and technological requirements for mobile services. In: Janssen, Marijn, Sol, Henk G. and Wagenaar, Ren W. (eds.) Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Electronic Commerce - ICEC 2004 October 25-27, 2004, Delft, The Netherlands. pp. 609-618.

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Kar, Elisabeth van de, Maitland, Carleen F., Montalvo, Uta Wehn de and Bouwman, Harry (2003): Design guidelines for mobile information and entertainment services: based on the Radio538 ringtunes i-mode service case study. In: Sadeh, Norman M., Dively, Mary Jo, Kauffman, Robert J., Labrou, Yannis, Shehory, Onn, Telang, Rahul and Cranor, Lorrie Faith (eds.) Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Electronic Commerce - ICEC 2003 September 30 - October 03, 2003, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. pp. 413-421.

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Nouwens, John and Bouwman, Harry (1995): Living Apart Together in Electronic Commerce: The Use of Information and Communication Technology to Create Network Organizations. In J. Computer-Mediated Communication, 1 (3) .

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